Masala Tokri: This premium gourmet spice brand is growing in popularity thanks to its 100% natural and authentic blends, sourced from heart-land India

masala tokri

“A good spice often deceives us into thinking that someone is a good cook.” ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Spices (masala) are undoubtedly the most indispensable items in every Indian kitchen.  Add a dash of your favourite spice and viola! Witness the magical transformation of a bland dish into a delicious one. Spice marketing in India is largely dominated by 2-3 key players who’ve been in the business for centuries. However, instead of competing with the big established names, the firebrand duo of culinary expert Urmila Sawant and entrepreneur Aarti Vikas Samant launched Masala Tokri to chase customers who are seeking good quality, natural and chemical free products. In fact, the products are 100% Natural and zero added chemicals or preservatives and the shelf-life of the products is one year.

masala tokri

How the journey began

Being a certified expert in spice processing technology and having 20 years of experience in the spices industry, Urmila Sawant started creating her own concoctions of Indian spices inspired by diverse food cultures in India. Soon she began selling her hand-pounded spices which were lapped up by customers from across the globe. In late 2018 digital marketer Aarti Samant noticed that her mother’s homegrown spices were becoming a talking point within the women community. Realizing the immense potential in this sector, in February 2019, Aarti Samant and Urmila Sawant launched Masala Tokri, a premium gourmet spice brand, hand-crafted and inspired by blends from local regions of India.

masala tokri

Unleashing the Magic of Masala Tokri

Describing the brand as “artisanal spice-mix brand, crafting blends from best-in-class natural ingredients from heart-land India”, the founders believe that by purchasing Masala Tokri products, you not only explore authentic regional cuisines but also help preserve traditional secret-recipes, which would otherwise get lost over time.

It’s head office is in Mumbai but the startup is available online also. The brand has captured Mumbai and Pune markets and their next go to market will be Gujarat. Some of the clients include Zida Impex LLP, Shital Innovative Foods, Haiko, Dorabjees, O basket.

Why Masala Tokri is the chosen one

masala tokri

The brand maintains extreme global standards when it comes to sourcing. The ingredients sourced are of A-grade export quality ingredients. Every recipe is curated from one heart-land region of India to give you that authentic local taste which is hard to find otherwise. The products are chemical & preservative free & are freshly pounded in their own Masala Chakkis, thus helping retain flavor better and providing a coarser texture to give you the most authentic regional taste.

Planning the next leg of the journey

Currently the focus is on expansion trajectory in the offline market capturing one city at a time. Exports might be initiated by mid 2021. About their dreams, the duo says “In the next 5 years, our ambition is to create a Pan-India reach and be available in every single gourmet store in India. The intent is to bring diverse flavours of Indian food culture to every nook and corner of our country. “

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