Rajni’s Rasoi: How the simplicity and taste of delicious home-cooked food is making a winner out of a new startup

rajni's rasoi

“Cooking is at once one of the simplest and most gratifying of the arts, but to cook well one must love and respect food.” ~ Craig Claiborne

No matter how unique and diverse our choice of food is, at the end of the day, we all crave for that familiar aroma and delightful taste of simple, fuss-free home-cooked food. As they say “happiness is homemade”. Recognising the irreplaceable bond that Indians share with home-cooked food, many startups have come up with delivery services that pander to the gastronomic needs of people longing for delicious ghar-ka-khana.

Launched in May 2020, amidst a growing pandemic, Rajni’s Rasoi is an emerging startup that is becoming increasingly popular among Mumbaikars thanks to its founder Rajni Kothari who takes great pleasure in feeding people to their heart’s content.

How it all began

rajni's rasoi

Prior to donning the chef’s hat, Rajni worked as a fashion designer for the past 25 odd years. When the lockdown hit, her career came to a stand-still. This unexpected pause gave her time to reflect and to finally pursue her love for cooking. In her own words “Cooking and feeding people is something I’ve always been extremely fond of. A little nudge from my family made sure I took the leap and gave it a shot.

My family has been my biggest support through the last 7 odd months. My husband has been sourcing all the materials needed to complete my orders. And my son, being from a digital background, has been responsible for my entire digital presence and all design-related requirements I have.”

A Rasoi that serves love

rajni's rasoi

The menu at Rajni’s Rasoi is a blend of authentic Marwari, continental & seasonal food. Rajni treasures the family recipes picked up from her mom and mother-in-law. The popularity of dishes like Baked Potato & Bean Burger is a testimony to the beauty of family recipes. No Sunday order is complete without the irreplaceable Dal Baati!

rajni's rasoi

Rajni’s personal favorites such as assorted tarts, Quesadilla & Paneer Schezwan Cigars have been lapped up by food lovers across the city. About desserts she says “While desserts are not something I focus on too much, the ladoos were a big gifting attraction during Diwali. And my seasonal Sandesh, Strawberry currently & Mango previously, also see a lot of love.” What sets this venture apart is the simplicity and authenticity of its dishes. As Rajni says “Every piece has my soul poured into, and you would feel it with every bite! “

Future plans amidst the pandemic

rajni's rasoi

It’s hard to plan an enterprise’s future amidst the uncertainty of a pandemic. However, with Corona-Virus still looming large, a lot of people are still scared to eat food from outside. That’s where this startup ensures people get to satisfy their craving for “something yummy” while still maintaining the safety of eating home food.

Currently, they’re planning on launching a special Salads menu keeping in mind a lot of people prefer starting the year on a healthier note. Over the next 5 years, the key aim will be to really establish the brand in the catering & gifting market as there’s tremendous potential in both sectors!

To know more visit – https://www.rajnisrasoi.com/

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