Happy Hens Farm: Eggsactly what the world needed!

Happy Hens Farm

“Cruelty is one fashion statement we can all do without!” – Rue McClanahan.

Humans are often reckless in behaviour towards other living species. We tend to overlook what damage we cause upon them while existing on their existence. Of the many things we’re reckless about, poultry farming is one great example. Hens are treated with utmost cruelty.

https://www.thehappyhensfarm.com/subscribe/ is here to make sure that every hen is a Happy Hen.

When something is uneggceptable, then eggsplore healthy alternatives!

Happy Hens Farm

More than 300 million birds are caged in a space less than an A4 sized piece of paper. Happy Hens Farm intends to free them and ensure every bird is treated humanely. The brand creates wealth for marginalized farmers by promising them a consistent and reasonable monthly income. They engage these farmers in ethical poultry farm practices to produce the best tasting eggs.

They are the first free range egg in India since 2010. They ensure the best Humane farm standards, antibiotic, hormone & pesticide residue-free eggs. These eggs are fortified on specific nutrition like Omega 3.

Happy Hens Farm is the only CERTIFIED farmer-integrated free range brand in India.

This is an internationally recognized HFAC certification.

Sounds eggsciting! Who are these eggsperts?

happy hens farm

Manjunath M loved animals ever since he was kid. His family was in the Agriculture business, and he volunteered in rescuing urban wild life in Bangalore during his college days. He has studied Business Management and Fashion Design at NIFT Bangalore, and he started his career in textiles. A casual conversation with friends on how insensitive we are about farm animals, triggered an instant spark, and the name Happy Hens was conceptualized. In April 2010, Manjunath had his first farm in Bagepalli. Lots of travel and interaction with local villagers helped Manjunath know everything that needed to be known about Free Range Farming.

Ashok Kannan is a physically special person who had the luxury of skipping school (studied only up to 4th standard). He’s a self-learned man. He’s a cricket enthusiast, and he learned Hindi and English by listening to cricket commentary. A serial entrepreneur, with never give up attitude. He was previously in the BPO business and was a herbal trader for 15 years. He wanted to ensure quality protein to his family, so he started Free Range Farming in 2011. Has trained & shared knowledge with 100+ farmers in free range model in his Trichy farm.

Manjunath M and Ashok Kannan accidentally met each other online in 2012. They quickly discovered that they have common goals, and decided to join hands.

Happy Hens Farm: Future plans for business eggspansion?

Currently, Happy Hens Farm operates in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Pune & Delhi. Has tie ups with organic retail stores like Foodhall, Nature’s Basket, Big Basket, Freshalicious, etc. They’ve also partnered with Taj Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Four Seasons and others. They also have a Direct-To-Home option through their website for Bangalore. In the next 5 years, they aim to be present in 10 cities and have more than 5000 stores, with a major focus on Direct-To-Home.

They’ve also formed India’s first Cage Free & Free Range Poultry Producers Association (CFFRPPA) – a consortium that represents the next generation of humane poultry farming.

To know more, visit-

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happy_hens_farm_india/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHappyHensFarm
Website:  https://www.thehappyhensfarm.com/subscribe/

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