Wrapped with Care: Embrace Sustainability with Sara’s Art – Inspired Wrapping Papers and Pouches

At the herald of a festive season or any special occasion such as baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, celebration parties and more, one is always bombarded with questions on gifting ideas. Those glossy, shiny gift-wrapping papers that appeal to children and adults flood the homes in waves; however it is not just any waste that can be easily recycled or composted. Most of the gift wrapping paper is made of plastic which takes almost forever to decompose.

Sustainability has been a growing trend and key focus in the stationery industry over recent years and has sparked an increase in innovative eco-friendly products from notebooks to gift-wrap. As people are increasingly leaning towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle, sustainable gift-wrapping is another green practice that some have adopted.

Brands and manufacturers in the gift packaging market are responding to this demand by offering eco-friendly options, such as recycled paper, plant-based inks, and reusable or compostable packaging materials.

The Novel & Ecological Way Of Presenting With Sara

As rightly quoted by Van Gogh, “what is done with love is done well”, and when it comes to gifting a dear one, it is not mere the product that matters but how affectionately the gift is presented. What could be better than donning a gift with reusable and environment friendly gift boxes, beautiful embroidered pouches and wrapping papers and tags. If one is looking for fun, minimal and beautifully crafted sheets to wrap their gifts with, then heading out to the Bangalore based brand called “Sara” would be a prudent choice. One could easily checkout their finest collection of art inspired, sustainable and eco-friendly products such as wrapping papers, fabric wrappers, gift boxes, hand embroidered gift pouches, gift tags, hand written greeting cards, notebooks. Their tree free wrapping papers are made from recycled cotton in unique floral and calligraphy designed papers.

The Inspirational Start To Gift Happiness

Sara Armaghan, the founder of the brand started selling her products first in the Namu’s vegan market in Bangalore in July 2022; however the foundation was set long before when she started designing the products and working on the website and sourcing the materials from 2020.

From conceptualization to designing and working on the products, everything started to get aligned gradually. Her husband has been of immense support right from the onset of her entrepreneurial journey. She is a self- taught artist who researched and explored the innovativeness that could be introduced in gift packaging.Her DIY creativity was neither backed by any art or drawing course, but her consistent passion to create more and more designs made her understand that such patterns could be used on wrapping papers and wallpapers.

All the floral designs and products designs are done by Sara and the brand has collaborated with few artists like the calligraphy artist, embroidery artist, block print artist.Having collaborated with one of her friends named Pooja, a block print artist and educator from Amoha prints, Sara created wonders in her business.Her friend supports her with all blocks of the drawings and she does the printing for the brand too.Her sister, who is yet another huge support in the Business is their art consultant and the Sara logo was a beautiful gift from her.

The USP of all their products lies in the material they use to create handmade gifting products. All their products are either made by either organic ink or recycled material and reusable cotton. Besides, they offer everything necessary to make a gifts’s packaging look complete, from wrapping paper, gift box, card and ribbon to gift cloths and pouches. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth, they also offer wrapping fabric on similar lines which are premium quality cloths with the brand’s block designs imprinted. All their wrapping sheets and boxes are not only sturdy but aesthetically appealing also and can be reused easily.

Moving Forward With Bigger Dreams

The brand that started in pandemic times, saw a surge in response & demands post pandemic when exhibitions gave a great platform to connect with prospective customers. Their designs are minimalist but very exquisite and different from the usual wrapping materials. The brand aims to collaborate with well known gifting names and continue offering products at an affordable price. It also aims to open a physical boutique in place where customers can touch & feel the products. Their products are available at the Bangalore and Goa stores of Paperboat collective. Rolling out their website is also in the pipeline in year ahead. The brand not only aims to focus on selling products but also on introducing artists and talking about art and promoting entrepreneurs.

Instagram Link: https://instagram.com/saraco.in?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

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