Unveiling the Secrets of Marketing Success: Prof Aughi Dalton’s Transformative Two-Day Workshop

    Marketing has always been an indispensable aspect of any business’ growth and success. In the ever-evolving landscape of the marketing world, staying ahead of the competition requires not only understanding the basics but also harnessing innovative strategies.

    In a bid to equip aspiring marketers with invaluable knowledge, Professor Aughi Dalton conducted a riveting two-day workshop at SBM NMIMS in Mumbai, on the 29th and 30th of July 2023, which covered essential marketing concepts, different mind-mapping exercises, psychological aspects of marketing and a hands-on team exercise to devise a winning marketing strategy for a coffee shop.

    Prof Dalton’s workshop kicked off with an exciting dive into the marketing world. Attendees got a taste of fundamental concepts that rock successful campaigns. The fun started with branding and perception, showing how it sticks in consumers’ minds. Students discovered how killer branding can boost products and keep customers coming back for more.

    Next in line came the explanation of the “4Ps” of marketing, a timeless framework encompassing Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. The Prof with his joyous teaching methods skilfully illustrated how understanding the interplay of these elements is vital in devising comprehensive marketing strategies that cater to specific target audiences. The students were encouraged to think critically and apply these principles to real-world scenarios, further enhancing their grasp of marketing dynamics. Another essential topic explored was Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP). Folks learned to slice the market into chunks, find their ideal customers, and make irresistible offers that match what they want. Prof Dalton illustrated the significance of a well-implemented STP strategy through practical illustrations.

    Towards the end of the first day, the concept of ‘Mind Mapping’ was introduced as a powerful tool for organizing ideas, exploring connections, and sparking creativity. Attendees were encouraged to utilize mind maps to brainstorm marketing campaigns and visualize potential strategies. Prof Dalton emphasized the importance of staying innovative in a dynamic market, and mind mapping proved to be a valuable technique for the same. Day one laid the marketing groundwork, and day two got real! Participants were divided into groups and challenged to devise a killer marketing strategy for a coffee shop—a tough nut to crack in the marketing world.

    The coffee shop scenario let students flex their newly learned marketing muscles. Teams went all out with market research, sizing up the competition, pinpointing target customers, and understanding their likes and dislikes. Then they crafted smart marketing plans, blending branding, 4Ps, STP, and mind-mapping to brew innovative ideas. With Prof Dalton as their guide, they unleashed creativity, breaking free from the norm. Armed with chart papers and a mind map, they boldly crafted strategies to make their coffee shop stand out from the crowd!

    Team presentations displayed diverse marketing strategies – premium branding for niche appeal, affordability for a broader market, and leveraging social media and experiential marketing for a strong online presence and customer engagement. The workshop concluded with constructive feedback and a celebration of the participants’ achievements. Students left the two-day event feeling empowered and inspired, armed with the knowledge and skills to tackle all the marketing challenges.

    This year marked the 10th Anniversary of Prof Aughi Dalton’s two-day marketing workshop at NMIMS Mumbai and his collaboration with Not Just Marketing. This year was no different with the outcome of the workshop being a batch of 100-odd newly forged Marketeers who have been armed with the knowledge giving them an edge like no other in today’s competitive market!

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    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aughi-dalton-ba751521

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