Infusing Personality into Every Creation: RICH CRAFTS BY R’s Handmade Paper Products

    In today’s thriving marketplace, handmade products abound, especially across popular social media platforms, where creativity knows no bounds and everyone is striving to grow. Standing out and carving a unique space for oneself can indeed be a challenging endeavor.

    RICH CRAFTS BY R founded by Richa Arora is one such enterprise where creativity and innovation are at the centre of every effort. A skilled baker by profession, Richa loves concocting delightful treats that tantalize taste buds. Still, her passion for creativity led her to explore and discover talent beyond the realm of her kitchen.

    “Crafting to me is a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression and I seek to infuse each creation with a touch of uniqueness and personalization.” Shared Richa.

    Starting out first with the concept of phone covers, where words of affirmation, some positive statements, or some personality traits about the customer were included in the overall customised design, RICH CRAFTS BY R soon added more products to its offerings. The love and appreciation from friends and family for the few handmade gifts Richa crafted were heartwarming and inspiring. Leading to her sharing her artistry with a broader audience.

    “Crafting has become a therapeutic modality for me, a means to find healing and tranquillity amidst the chaotic world we inhabit.” This is how Richa expressed her connection with her craft.

    Creating art plus utility with paper and imagination

    RICH CRAFTS BY R specializes in crafting exquisite handmade products, with a primary focus being on crafting exceptional paper-based products. The diverse range of offerings includes unique phone covers, charming journals, and intricately designed bookmarks. Every single creation tells a unique story through its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and attention to detail. Carefully constructed using various modalities of paper the products capture the essence of individuality and personalization.

    Richa takes great pride in her ability to infuse products with a touch of personality that resonates with every customer. Whether it’s a custom-designed phone cover that reflects someone’s interests and style or a bookmark that becomes a canvas for their thoughts and dreams, RICH CRAFTS BY R strives to make each creation a reflection of its owner.

    The card section of the portfolio is also in great demand. Elegantly designed and finished with heartfelt messages they are the perfect way to express love, joy, gratitude, or congratulations. A recent addition to the portfolio is the Handmade and Custom-made Glass Frames.

    The handmade approach sets the brand apart, ensuring that every piece created is a labor of love and craftsmanship.

    The stage is set for steady growth…

    “In the first 10 days of starting my venture, I managed to pack and process 20 orders.” Mentioned Richa,

    Success at an early stage was just the sort of impetus that was needed to keep Richa going. As time went on, the number of weekly orders increased significantly, and now the brand consistently handles around 6 to 8 orders per week. Inquiries from customers interested in the products have also shown a spike.

    The vision is to now keep expanding the product range, introduce more innovative creations, and come up with new ideas to captivate customers and reach a broader audience. The essence of the brand will always be the personalized and customized touch and going forward it envisages expanding its customer base, with a target of processing 400 to 500 orders per month. To achieve this, Richa is now also focusing on building a strong and efficient team so that she can streamline operations and ensure that the quality of products and customer service remains exceptional. The ultimate goal is to establish the brand, RICH CRAFTS BY R, as a well-known seller of customised handmade papercraft products.

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