Vinanti Manji Designer Jewellery : Up your glam game with classic and charismatic jewelry that’s an ode to our glorious heritage

Nothing can highlight the beauty and grace of Indian women as much as traditional Indian jewelry does. In fact, it’s hard to separate the charm of such jewelry and the beauty of women adorning them. What makes Indian jewelry so remarkable and so popular is its unique designs, stunning craftsmanship and the mammoth effort required to create each intricate piece.

Here’s a jewelry brand that successfully captures the essence of India’s illustrious past. Launched in 2007 by Vinanti Manji, Vinanti Manji Designer Jewellery brings to you rich traditional jewelry with a classic and timeless appeal that enhances the beauty of modern Indian women.

The brand aims to create awareness about authentic Indian jewelry since the market is inundated with fake products that claim to be “original ” gold and silver but are nowhere close to it.

Let the journey begin!

Vinanti kick-started her entrepreneurial dream after quitting her full time as a software engineer. This happened post motherhood when priorities began to change and she realized it was time to switch gears. Since both her parents are involved in the jewelry business, she was naturally curious about this field.

Eventually she began interacting with artisans to gain a sound understanding of the craft. One thing led to another. Meetings happened. Then, shows and exhibitions started pouring in.

With hard work and patience, Vinanti established her brand, set up her flagship store in Matunga-East. There are 32-35 artisans that specialize in this art and are spread across India that are helping the brand grow. Reminiscing about the journey, the 42-year-old entrepreneur says “Mom gave me 10k for my first exhibition and wished me luck for the journey onward.”

Because classics never truly go out of style

Vinanti Manji Designer Jewellery offers a splendid collection of traditional Indian jewelry that are an epitome of elegance, beauty and grace. Vinanti points out “Silver jewelry is our hallmark but recently we dived into gold and diamond jewelry too.”

The startup comes up with a limited range of contemporary western jewelry but its stronghold remains the Indian traditional bridal jewelry, with each product being hand crafted with utmost dedication and love.

Rarely will you find this brand churning out repetitive pieces. Since customization is available here, you can share your ideas and be assured, Vinanti Manji Designer Jewellery will try to incorporate them in the most effective ways possible.

Services are available all over India and abroad in countries such as Canada and USA. Due to a surge in demand, Vinanti works on an appointment basis.

It’s time to revisit those timeless treasures

Vinanti’s gorgeous collection of handcrafted jewelry offers something for every occasion, every mood and every significant phase of your life. From weddings and anniversaries to date nights and family dinners, embrace the special moments with special jewelry crafted just for you.

Make heads turn in those bold, beautiful and breathtaking jewels and let them help you rediscover the hidden gem that lies within.

Take a moment to pause and admire its exquisite range of necklaces, earrings, headbands and kadas that pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of India.

Don’t forget to check out the ethereal designs for the modern Indian bride. In fact, the bridal collection is nothing short of an elegant symphony of handpicked precious sparkling jewels and supreme craftsmanship of skilled artisans.

From danglers that dance with delight to chains strung with grace, take your pick from the royal and resplendent collection of Vinanti Manji Designer Jewellery.

So, what’s next ?

The brand has grown by leaps and bounds ever since the time of its inception. While the journey so far has been truly rewarding, Vinanti has her sights fixed on establishing two more sustainable stores in Mumbai. Moreover, she intends to set up stores abroad, especially in the US.

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