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Jewelry design and marketing in today’s highly connected world is intensely competitive. It demands so many things of the brand. But ask Ishita Shah and she says she is enjoying nurturing her own fashion jewelry brand ARTIOS, which she founded in the year 2020 in Bahrain a Middle East Island country.

Being a professional fine jewelry designer herself, Ishita expanded her already existing family run jewelry business by adding ARTIOS to it as a section that was focused on sourcing and curating fashion jewelry and assorted accessories.


“I started with a substantial capital investment and launched it professionally. It is a registered legal business entity in Bahrain and is currently under registration process in India,”, says Ishita.

Exclusive collections from local and international designer of the highest caliber can be found within its carefully curated edition. No wonder, ARTIOS today is recognized as a prestigious Label for Curated Luxe Fashion & Lifestyle Jewelry and Accessories.

Discover sparkling conversation starters that reflect sophisticated taste and eye-catching style…


With Ishita at the helm of things, ARTIOS sources the best material and the best quality accessories from different parts of the world and brings it into India. These curated elements include imaginatively curated and delightful pieces of all occasion jewelry ranging from necklaces, finger rings, bracelets and more find. From high end fashion jewelry to simple yet elegant pieces, the ARTIOS portfolio is teeming with tempting, must have creations that every woman covets.

Flaunt them at that rocking cocktail party. Ooze elegance at a marriage function.  Express your funky individual style at a casual get together with friends. Make heads turn at social gatherings.


Every thing is possible with the collection that offers – Elegant Pearl & Gold Combination Jewelry, Gold-Tone Plated Chain with Pendants, 18 K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Stone Necklace Holographic Earrings, Curated Collection of Playful Rings, Rhinestones Studded Tassel Earrings, Light-Weight Colorful Dangling Earrings, Figaro Half and Half Necklaces and Bracelets, Retro Sunglasses, Funky Hair Bands, Designer Hand-Made Potli Bags and a whole lot more.

So if you want to create a little razzle dazzle you now know where to head over.

Taking the glitter and dazzle across the borders of cultures…


Fashion jewelry is definitely meant to be admired and adorn anyone and everyone who wants to look good and create an individual style statement.

Says Ishita, “Our vision at ARTIOS is to constantly push the envelope and redefine how fashion jewelry is created and worn. That is why every piece we curate spells class, reflects art and embodies a bit of culture and heritage, which is the soul of ARTIOS.”


The brand has fulfilled more than 200 orders till now and has built up a growing list of clientele. Regular orders are delivered to places all over India. The next step in the expansion blueprint is to tap into the lucrative USA and European market where ARTIOS plans to connect with and source from the best local designers and place them on its Ecommerce site for sale.

You however don’t have to wait. Click here and get ready to get dazzled by the collection.

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