THE INCREDIBLE FASHION – This women entrepreneur’s creativity and style knows no bounds.


Art as a thing to indulge in during one’s spare time, is something what nearly everyone does. But what if you heard of someone who had the vision and the courage, to take her talent in art and sketching and turn it into a really different and rewarding profession? Well that would be really surprising, isn’t it?

But it was not so for Harika Goud, the young Hyderabad based artist entrepreneur. Having been inclined towards art and fashion quite early in life Harika painted and sketched for fun.  At 18, she joined Hamstech Institute For fashion design where she developed a keen interest in fashion illustration and textured art.

Post her graduation after quite a bit of introspection and a bit of freelancing, Harika decided to make Fashion Illustration her career of choice.  Today, the 22 year old MBA with a fashion diploma is an established fashion illustrator taking commissioned projects and also owning a clothing label.

Using creativity as a drawing board to answer the challenges of fashion…

For a person so young, Harika displays remarkable maturity in understanding exactly what her skills and her profession represent.

“A designer can imagine what he wants a particular garment to look like, but I am like that bridge between a designer’s imagination and the final creation. I partner fashion designers to sketch and illustrate what they imagine and bring it alive on paper or a digital screen,” says Harika.

Having invested a better part of her imagination, sketching and illustration skills in THE INCREDIBLE FASHION, Harika today has nurtured an enviable designer portfolio that reveals an extremely diverse, detailed and artfully illustrated body of work, which is so true to life.

Says Harika, “Every artwork has a new inspiration, colour scheme and design. Traditional outfits, and silhouettes inspired by ancient monuments, Islamic motifs, Mughal art, ajrakh block prints, kaleidoscopic prints, pastel hues and more, adorn the slender figures I create.“

Designs for wedding wear, cocktail party wear, festive wear, sarees and casual wear, everything is expressed in the finest and detailed illustration, making it easy for the designer and the team to work towards the finished product.

A career of choice, leading to a profession that is challenging and inspires one to keep creating the extraordinary…

To Harika, her enterprise THE INCREDIBLE FASHION, is but an extension of her creative personality, her mindset and her ambition. Working on her client’s projects and her own personal projects is what she truly enjoys. Having associated with leading designers and fashion labels, the brand has now acquired a reputation of creating moods boards and designer lines that are quite stylized, evocative and most importantly commercially viable too.

Says Harika, “Actually fashion illustration as a professional career is not something everyone knows about. I want to be like an ambassador for this profession and bring it into a mainstream career choice. I also want to conduct more workshops, so that people can experience and understand more about fashion illustration as a serious career choice.”

Click here to catch a glimpse of her incredible work.

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