AVA by Akriti & Aruna – Luxe Beaded Luxury Bags crafted by local artisans

AVA by Akriti & Aruna

“When I want to treat myself, I will always get myself a new handbag”. – Coco Jones 

The Phenomenal Comeback of Beaded Bags

The beaded bag became popular in the late 1800s during the Industrial Revolution. Most women made their bags by sewing or crocheting glass or metal beads onto mesh or using knitting techniques to put them together. Since their humble beginnings, beaded bags have been seen on the likes of every celebrity, influencer, trendsetter and everyone in between. There’s no shortage of designs to create, and, even more so, there’s no shortage of ways to style them. 

The beaded trend has officially taken over accessories as this year’s must-have bag. While the baguette style has become a go-to for evening plans, the crystal bag, covered in all things sparkly and beaded, packs a glamorous punch. Both elegant and fashionable, a beaded bag is a versatile choice for an unforgettably glam evening. Designed exclusively for sophistication in mind, its beaded jewel detailing promises to pull out all the stops. In classic colors and shapes, pearls are the perfect medium for initiation into this trend, giving a romantic and feminine touch to any look. 

AVA- Be The Show-Stopper With Luxury Beaded Bags

AVA, a fashion luxury bag brand launched in April 2022 is the brainchild of Akriti & Aruna from Mumbai. The brand offers bags beaded with lustrous pearls, natural stones and glass crystals to add that opulent look to any ensemble. Their limited-edition Kaya bags embellished with vibrant natural stones, their chromatic violet Grotta bags, crystal-adorned Miel bags and many others like Casca, Contas, Lumi, Ostra, and Perla bags are exquisitely handcrafted by artisans making them unique, elegant and classily vintage. Their very first collection has been inspired by elements of nature, with their intricate patterns and shapes. With names taken from natural elements in different languages, each design brings the buyer back to the beauty of shells, rocks, seas, and caves. These bags are sure to elevate every style that makes your daily monotonous outfits a tad bit shinier and is perfect for both dark-coloured formal suits to neutral coloured brunch wear! 

Meeting The Owners & Knowing The Way Forward 

Akriti is not only a proud successful owner of the brand AVA but also an ace classical dancer running her Bharatnatyam dance academy Nrityada in Mumbai. Her experience in investment banking coupled with her educational background in Finance & Marketing has endowed her with the entrepreneurship skills through which she diligently handles her academy and business. Aruna, a fashion designer running her fashion label “Tassel Tales” and also working on a saree artwork brand “Kimkara” adds her enormous designing prowess to create an extensive range of beaded bags. 

The ideation to enter the luxury bag segment struck Akriti and Aruna during the lockdown days. On Akriti’s visit to Malaysia to meet her parents, she came across beaded bags which were made using sub-standard materials. Harnessing the idea to offer better quality bags and being creative a step further to use glass beads, both Akriti & Aruna started experimenting with pearls, beads and stones to offer handcrafted bags. 

AVA wants to be an acclaimed luxury bag maker and take the beaded bags to the next level in the prime fashion arena rather than being a mere vintage collection only. It wants to gain broad visibility in customers’ minds of being a luxury brand that designs & manufactures from scratch level. Rolling out its website, getting shelf space in leading MBOs and showcasing products through exhibitions are some of the other future action plans of the brand. 

Click here https://www.instagram.com/avalux.in/ to catch a glimpse of her incredible

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