Shri’s ecstasy candles: Bring light and positivity to your home with Ecstasy’s astounding range of candles

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A warm glow. A celebratory ambience. A romantic setting. A festive occasion. A pick me up at the end of a hard day. A lit candle means different things to different people. A candle is an easy-breezy way to add some cheer, merriment fragrance – and light – to a room.

Owing to the creativity and imagination with which artists are lending innovative shape and form to these waxy delights, candle making has become a sublime art form catching the fancy of art lovers from across the globe.

Launched in 21st January 2022 by a 24-year-old Tamil Nadu based candle and zentangle artist Shrinithi Sathish Kumar, Shri’s ecstasy candles offer distinctively designed homemade organic candles that strive to take your breath away with their unconventional designs and elegant finish. The brand aims to reach out to art connoisseurs at both national and international level while making laymen sit up and take notice of this incredible art form.

Some people are born to make art

Shrinithi is an engineer by profession and an artist by passion. That sums up Shrinithi’s eternal passion for art. Even as a child, art captivated her attention like nothing else. She drew to her heart’s content and channelized all her emotions into her drawings. As Shrinithi mentions “It was always with the papers for me.”

In 2017, the gifted artist started doing pencil sketches and soon got engrossed in an American method of drawing called zentangle art, essentially a combination of art and meditation. Such was her unwavering focus and determination that drawing for 7-8 hours at a stretch became a regular affair!

For many of us, juggling our hobbies and studies can be a tough job but Shrinithi managed to do that with relative ease. Hailing from Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, the gutsy girl dabbled in different art forms including zentangle, mandala art, dot mandala art, fluid art and abstract painting.

Shri’s ecstasy candles

Explaining her journey further, she adds “In May 2018, I got an opportunity to showcase my talent in The Maison Colombani Art Gallery – Alliance Francaise, Puducherry. That turned out to be my first solo exhibition called Meraki.” Post that exhibition, more people recognized her talent and expectations soared. She later picked up resin art, macrame art, alcohol ink art, terrazzo art and mirror mosaic art in 2021.

Shri’s ecstasy candles

Shri’s ecstasy candles: Initiation into the art of candle making

Shri’s ecstasy candles

So, how did candle making come into the picture, one may ask.
Shrinithi says “I made a few candles in 2017 but I wasn’t quite interested. Watching a couple of videos and talking to other candle makers helped understand the craft better.”

Then she created candles resembling Rasmalai. So uncanny was the resemblance that her dad mistook those candles for actual sweets and innocuously tried to scoop them out. This gave her the confidence to believe she was on the right track. With time, her candles grew immensely popular among friends and family members and that’s how the startup journey started. The first-time entrepreneur doesn’t forget to acknowledge the constant support she has received from her parents and well-wishers over the past six years.

Candles all the way

Shri’s ecstasy candles comes up with a wide range of affordable, good quality candles that are a rare combination of offbeat designs and exceptional quality. Here you get baby themed candles serving as ideal gifts for baby showers, ocean themed candles laden with sea castles, seahorses, mermaids and sea turtles, earthen diya candle collection for diwali, tropical-themed ice-cream candles, cupcake candles collection with exotic fragrance of lemongrass and chocolate, dessert candles, and of course, the quintessential aroma candles stirring up your senses with the fragrance of vanilla, orange, eucalyptus, rose, apple honey, jasmine and so much more. You can place customized orders too. Its services are spread all across India.

What’s on the cards?

Shrinithi is a one woman show behind her brand. Right from candle making, to designing, to packaging, to accounting, she does it all.

With over 700 orders, the start-up is growing at a steady pace through word-of-mouth publicity and is on its way to becoming everyone’s favorite! As a recipient of Indian Dreamer’s Award 2022, Shrinithi intends to take her art to an international level and plans to hire people with similar interests.

Shrinithi’s brand motto is “Quality Over Quantity”. She is more concerned about the quality of her products than the quantity she sells. She wants her customers to be satisfied with the quality of her products and the money they spent for it.

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