KABBISH – An inspiring story of how Pot Jewelry Design is keeping a beautiful tradition alive, in turn empowering women and transforming lives of potters!

Imagine a diploma project in college, being carried forward and turned into one of India’s leading, sustainable, Black Pottery Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry Brand!
Yes, this is exactly what Parul Aggarwal, a graduate designer from IICD Jaipur and the founder of KABBISH has achieved. Having spent her childhood in the craft hubs of Azamgarh and Nizamabad, Parul knew the generations old local pottery craft industry, had a fascinating story just waiting to be told. So she decided to tell that story. And what a story it turned out to be!

KABBISH her Black Clay Pot Shaped Jewelry created with immense passion, has captured the imagination of everyone – the homemaker, college going teens, fashion models, celebs and more!

What’s even more striking about the enterprise is that, it has created a close-knit community of the local traditional artisans, bringing recognition and prosperity to their doorstep!

Pots of Inspiration, Imagination and Innovation – this is the essence of brand KABBISH…

Black pottery is a GI tagged craft of the Azamgarh and Parul’s entrepreneurial skills elevated this industry to a new high. Kabbish is basically a clay slip prepared by the craftsmen to add lustre to the black pottery – this formed the foundation of her handcrafted jewelry range. Inspiration was everywhere to be found, what it called for was just a bit of Innovation and voila you have a winner on hand!

GAGRI – the introductory collection of KABBISH, featured unexplored variations of the pot. The SURAHI collection features a slim cylindrical pot found in almost all works of art in the Mughal era. The GULDASTA range under the SURAHI collection features a Surahi interpreted as a flower vase. The CHIRAG range also a part of the SURAHI collection, showcased the glorious lamps of the Rajput and Mughal palaces. The MEHRAAB range, inspired by the SURAHI collection depicts Jaali work- a famous Mughal geometric architectural decoration.

SIKAHAR, PYAU, GUDGUDI, HANDI, GHIRNI, MATHNI, DOGHAD all traditional names depicting the specific traditional use of the pots form a part of the KABBISH portfolio.

Available in designs of Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Cufflinks, Lapel pins and even Buttons the clay pot miniatures are biodegradable, the brass fittings are 100% nickel-free with 22K gold and silver plating. The packaging is designed with handmade paper making it recyclable and non-toxic for the environment.

Do visit https://www.instagram.com/kabbish_/ and https://www.kabbish.com/ to explore the whole range.

Creating fashion accessories that continue to enchant the fashionistas and the woman on the go of today!

Fashion should have its own democracy is what KABBISH is all about.

If it’s eclectic range of jewelry has been spoken about on the pages of prestigious fashion magazines and Page 3 spaces, adorned graceful models on dazzling catwalks, been picked by celebrities, movie stars, social media influencers and their ilk, it has also been worn by women who simply want to make their own fashion statement. It’s there for everyone to wear and flaunt!

Fashion with a conscience is what KABBISH stands for too! Its work for promoting sustainability is recognized by leading news publishing houses and most importantly is was also commended with the much sought after INDIA’S BEST DESIGN PROJECT AWARD.

Today if KABBISH is that beautiful BLACK CLAY, then the WHEEL OF TIME is spinning and shaping beautiful success story out of it.

To know more visit – https://www.instagram.com/kabbish_/

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