i Desi: This startup is promoting Indian farmers and Indian produce by making farm-fresh products more accessible and affordable for customers

No matter how far we go in life, nothing can beat the happiness of being strongly connected to our roots. In fact, the taste and smell of the fruits and vegetables grown on our native soil is starkly different from anywhere else. Maybe it’s the nostalgia coupled with the inherent magic of that soil whose remnants linger on in our memory for a long time after we’ve left that place.

If you’re badly craving for that quintessential desi taste of your native land, look no further than i Desi, a brand that pledges to bring you the most authentic, naturally-grown products directly from the place of their origin. Founded by prolific young entrepreneurs namely Divya, Shubhankar, Ritesh and Anil Kumar Singh as director, i Desi opts for direct collaboration with farmers to make natural, farm-grown products easily accessible to you. So whether it’s makhana and malda aam of Bihar, dates and jaggery of West Bengal, a range of spices from the farms of Kerala or dry fruits of Kashmir – you simply name it and i Desi will take care of the rest.

So how did it all begin?

The journey began in 2020 amidst the gloomy, uncertain times of Covid lockdown. Divya came across a Facebook post wherein someone from Pune was looking for malda aam. With roots in Bihar, Divya was familiar with such bouts of craving for these delicious fruits.

The 30-year-old Delhi University graduate explains “Moving away from hometown also signifies moving away from regional taste and flavors. I understand what it means to miss those childhood tastes while you’re away from home.” Despite the transport hurdles during the lockdown, she “managed to serve that society with a total order of 1000 kg mangoes.”

The happiness of these people gave her a satisfaction which none of her corporate jobs ever did. Having worked in textile as HR manager for 5 long years and then in Flipkart for almost a year, the burning question in Divya’s mind was “Why hustle in another company for appraisals and promotions when you can work hard in your own company and establish an extraordinary brand?” Due to the successful delivery of naturally-grown products like nuts, mangoes, litchi, beeju aam, makhana, katarni rice, chura, sattu, jamun, foxnuts, dates, jaggery, aam papad and spices, the demand for i Desi products has increased at a fast pace. This led to more brilliant young minds such as Shubhankar and Ritesh joining the initiative.

Finally, after serving happy customers for two years, it was time to streamline business operations by launching a proper brand named i Desi. With i Desi’s newly-launched website, you can choose from a wide category of products and you can also customize order. Their website has a “FOR YOU” category that allows you to customize your order as per your preference. i Desi team is constantly making an effort to offer their customers what they are looking for.

i Desi: we SERVE, not SELL

i Desi offers 100% natural, chemical-free, farm-fresh products directly procured from the place of their origin. Here you get normal to regular to premium picks of different variants of natural products that are devoid of any polish and adulteration. The brand emphasizes on quality and not superficial looks. Hence, the products are raw and natural but not necessarily beautiful and polished.

Different varieties of spices such as black pepper, cassia cinnamon, cloves, green cardamom, nutmeg, mace (red flower) are procured from farmers in Kerala. Authentic spice mixes like chai masala, chicken masala and garam masala are available as are dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, foxnuts, mamra (kashmir), walnut kernels. The startup provides minimal, sustainable in the form of paper pouches and glass bottles to ensure hassle-free storage and minimal wastage in an environment-friendly way.

i Desi strives to serve not just the metro cities, but also the small towns so that everyone can savor the quality and taste of natural products.

Why choose i Desi?

Nowadays, it’s hard to come across “real, natural taste” since most of the products get exchanged and processed multiple times before they’re available for retail. i Desi ensures the products are obtained from farmers or processors to retain quality as well as originality.

Owing to its collaboration with farmers from across India, i Desi intends to play a small but significant role in the upliftment of our country’s unsung heroes, the farmers.

Before signing off…

i Desi is not merely a commercial enterprise but an honest attempt to revive your bond with your native land by reconnecting with the priceless taste of regional food. This startup believes that immersing yourself in authentic tastes, culture and memories of your land is fundamental to feeling satisfied.

It’s an honor to be able to bring forth the nostalgic taste and aroma of the past. The brand aims to expand its reach so that it continues to serve “what you asked now and always with love, passion and interest”.

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