RIS CREATION – This artist is channeling spirituality through her art.

To every artist, the completion of any art work is not the ultimate joy. This may sound a bit out of context, but ask any artist and they will tell you that it is the entire process of creating and seeing their art evolve, that is personally more fascinating.

These are the exact sentiments that Riddhi Jani –  the founder of RIS CREATION echoes. Coming from a small town, Riddhi started on her art journey at a very early age of 6 years.


“My art tutor J. P. Shah used to teach kids for free during the summer vacation, in the backyard of our house. I joined his class too. He used to always tell us to pray, before we started to paint. When I grew up, I discovered that it meant something as meaningful as dedicating art to God.” Shared Riddhi.

Serious about her career in art, after a study gap of almost 9 years Riddhi took the bold decision to pursue her MFA. Encouraged by her husband and her mother in law, leaving her 6 year old son  in their care, she embarked on a journey to UK and successfully completed her studies by the end of 2021.

As an artist, who started small by selling Diwali Diyas in 2014, Riddhi soon evolved to work as a designer for many national and international brands. She also completed some intense spiritual courses and discovered, that the process of painting has much deeper meaning. It was from here that Riddhi’s journey of creating beautiful spiritual art commenced.


Art created through pure meditation and meaningful conversation, carries a lot of positive energies!

As an accomplished and professional artist, Riddhi has experimented with themes, concepts and materials, to create custom made mixed media art for a host of clients. There is always a strong thought behind everything she does. She has created exquisite delicate jewellery, textured jewellery, mandala art, watercolor art, refurbishing objects and a lot of creative things. She has also conducted workshops through which she has trained more than 5000 art enthusiasts.

As a Spiritual Healer, Riddhi is truly known for the beautiful art canvasses she has created for her prestigious clients across the globe. Meditating and praying with crystals and angels before commencing painting, Riddhi creates art that vibrates with her clients beliefs and spiritual understanding.  What she also does is have a conversation with the client to fully understand their preferences and their way of thinking. This has enabled her art, to truly resonate with every space and bring limitless blessings and positivity to her clients’ home or office.


Art is an emotion that is meant to be experienced and enjoyed by everyone…

There are various ways and means to bring people and art close to each other. There are a lot of misconceptions about Spiritual Art and the healing power of Art Therapy. Riddhi intends to build up awareness about all these facets, educate people and encourage them to explore and experiment with art.

With this is mind Riddhi shares, “I want to open a beautiful art café where people can come to spend time, look at the art created, meditate upon it, relax and enjoy those moments.”

Click here https://www.instagram.com/riscreation/ to discover her magical artwork.

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