Hebbevu – India’s only managed farmland company supporting its customers through real profit sharing under zero maintenance

It’s hard to imagine the progress of the human race without the substantial contribution of agriculture. Besides being a life-sustaining pursuit, agriculture provides ample opportunities for economic prosperity and helps nations stand on their feet. This holds true in an agriculture-based nation like India where around 70% of the population depends on the agriculture sector for their livelihood.

As a leading agricultural farmland management firm in India, Hebbevu aims to become the most loved and trusted agro realty brand, creating eco-friendly methods of growing food while evolving into a highly profitable business that delivers a life of happiness to its employees.


Launched on 12th April 2019 by a prolific sibling duo Mr.Amith Kishan and Mr.Ashrith Kishan, Hebbevu follows the organic farming approach, thus maintaining a fine balance to nurture the fragile ecosystem with innovative technologies without compromising on quality, equality and ethics.

A peek into Hebbevu’s journey so far

For the Kishan brothers, the plunge into entrepreneurship was a well-thought-out decision, backed by considerable knowledge of agriculture handed down by their father and forefathers who had been in this sector for a long time. The beginning wasn’t a smooth-sailing one. After completion of their engineering degrees, Amit and Ashrith decided to join the IT sector. However, as luck would have it, the IT industry was going through a low phase during that time. Thus, they shifted gears and joined the banking sector as food managers and began to earn decent salaries. But an enterprising mind always strives to push its limitations and wants to do something more. The siblings thought “If we can bring profit for other brands, why can’t we do the same for ourselves.” That’s when the idea of stepping into agriculture crosses their minds.

Though the initial plan was to focus exclusively on organic farming, few roadblocks forced Amit and Ashrith to rethink and strategize their plan. Procuring a piece of land is not a piece of cake and the founders realized this quite early on. They saw an opportunity to help people obtain agricultural land where they can indirectly participate in organic farming. Since most people don’t have adequate knowledge of farming, it’s best to let professionals handle everything. Here’s how Hebbevu chips in. While you sit at home and relax, Hebbevu takes care of farming. The profits are shared in a way such that customers take a bulk of the profit while the startup opts for a minimum stake of the profit. There’s no involvement of a third party, no hidden cost, no secret dealing. 


Invest today for a better tomorrow

Hebbevu is the only manless, organic managed farmland in the country that democratizes the process of farmland investing. Its subsidiary brand is involved in selling the farm produce, thus reducing external dependency for running its business. Amit adds “The people who have invested here vouch for the transparency with which operations are conducted. Updates regarding harvesting period, seller details, product details are shared with our investors.” Hebbevu is a one-of-a-kind initiative, allowing investors to buy plots of land which are then managed by the company and the products are sold directly under the brand name Hebbevu.

Instead of selling through merchants and agents, this Bangalore-based enterprise directly reaches out to buyers through its own subsidiary brands Hebbevu Fresh and Ksheera Farm Fresh Milk that offers a wide range of fresh farm products and by-products including the pure A2 Gir Cow Ghee. All this is achieved at zero maintenance cost and the value of the harvest is paid to the customer on farm and dairy investment.


The startup is actively involved in growing cash crops, fruit trees, timber trees along with potato plantation harvesting, corn harvesting, sheep rearing, cattle farming and breeding of desi bulls such as Gir, Kankrej, Rathi, Saihwal, Ongole. Everything is nurtured organically with the blessing of Mother Earth.

What lies ahead?


Hebbevu has already earned the trust and goodwill of its customers through an uncompromising work ethic, focus on organic ways of farming and a dedicated team of experts. The startup is in an expansion mode in terms of land, cattle and overall brand value. Before signing off, the founders reiterate how agriculture is not just a money-making endeavor, rather a way of life at Hebbevu.

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/hebbevufresh/

Website link –https://www.hebbevufresh.com/

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