pAww! brings you the softest collar in town for your pet!

    Pet accessories have undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from mere functional items to stylish expressions of their parents’ love and care. Yes, pet parents, not owners!

    Beyond mere functionality, pAww! resonates deeply with pet parents on an emotional level. While many pet product brands concentrate solely on practicality and durability, pAww! comprehends the profound emotional connection individuals share with their pets. The brand doesn’t cater to mere “owners” but to pet “parents” who yearn for ways to celebrate their pets’ presence in their lives.

    Sanjana Ramsay, founder & creative director of pAww! exclaims, “I think there’s a segment of people who, like me, may be rather disappointed to even be referred to as an owner of their pet. They’re parents. Which means they want a hundred & more ways to express just how special it feels to have & love a pet. They’re the kinds who have a family meeting on what color will best suit their dog, they’re the kinds who know a great housewarming present for the neighbor is most definitely a gift for their cat instead! And that’s the emotion pAww! most resonates with. So, if you’re a pet parent, we at pAww! are simply your personal shoppers, making shopping for your own cat or the dog you met at the park a fun experience!”

    Amidst the multitude of brands catering to pets, pAww! emerges as a standout for their collection of walk-wear & neck wear for the luxe pet who not just deserve, but demand the finer things in life!

    Humble Beginnings

    pAww! started out with only a few samples & a modest pop-up at a local pet store and marked its very first sale on the 5th of November 2020. Through a journey of 3 years filled with learning curves & milestones, Sanjana embraced each step with dedication and passion as she witnessed the brand slowly gain traction, touching the hearts of pet parents seeking more than just functional pet accessories.

    Soft as a Snuggle: pAww!’s Signature Suede Collection

    Central to pAww!’s appeal lies its captivating collection of premium suede collars and leads.

    “Disappointed with how rough nylon was being used everywhere due to its low cost, we decided to lovingly tailor-make collars that are not harsh on your pet’s precious fur but instead as soft & comforting as a hug! We, thus, introduced walk-wear in luxurious suede, which lo and behold retains the strength of nylon to ensure your pet’s safety, but also makes our mission… a statement! A collar so soft – it feels like a hug!” explained Sanjana.

    pAww!’s suede collection thus redefines the traditional perception of pet accessories. The inclusion of crochet scarfs and brass name tags has further bolstered the brand’s reputation, earning commendations and unwavering loyalty from customers seeking sophisticated yet functional pet essentials.

    Paw-sibilities Ahead

    Primarily operating through its website and Instagram, pAww! is gradually expanding its presence to physical stores, spas & getaways frequented by pets and their parents.

    Looking ahead, pAww! envisions steady and solid growth, preferring a gradual yet robust expansion over rapid scaling.

    Seamlessly weaving together style, comfort, and a whole lot of love into every luxurious design, pAww! stands poised to remain a beloved name in the realm of pet fashion and essentials, for years to come.

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