Niharikaart: Niharika’s exceptional artistic skill transforms common objects into exceptional works of art

“The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable – Kurt Vonnegut

Probably that’s the reason some people refuse to follow the herd blindly. Instead, they listen to their hearts and choose to pursue art despite the uncertainties associated with it. Niharika’s story is a testimony to her eternal love for art and that underlying courage in pursuing it as an artist and entrepreneur. With the launch of her startup venture named Niharikaart gallery in 2019, Niharika aims to create art that becomes a part of all the big small moments of your life.

When your heart guides you down the path

For most artists, what begins as a fun hobby translates into an intense passion, eventually shaping up their choices in life. Niharika learnt the craft of painting on her own, honed her skills and finally decided the time was apt to dive into her own art business. The talented artist explains “When I was about to start Niharikaart gallery, I promised to forsake all kinds of distractions to make this work. Hence, movies, games and parties took a backseat.” She realized early on the importance of discipline and consistency and toiled hard every single day to create something extraordinary. However, as Niharika herself admits, “none of this would have been possible without the love and support of her husband.” He recognized the god-gifted talent that she had been bestowed with and egged her on to achieve her dreams. So, Niharika bought her art supplies, pencils and books and began painting to her heart’s content.

Niharikaart gallery: Where art comes from heart


At Niharikaart, ordinary products of day-to-day use go through magical transformation at the hands of Niharika to emerge as stunning pieces of art. Here you get customized chokers, pendants, bracelets and earrings along with cute hair clips, pet identity tags, keychains and many other eclectic bunch of products.

The beauty of resin art shines through in the creation of bookmarks, coasters, trays, ashtrays. Don’t miss the hand washed coffee cup crafted with alcoholic ink, those pretty handmade combs or bed lights made from wedding garlands. If you’re a fan of mandala art, chances are you would love the intricately designed mandalas carved out by the artist with amazing clarity.

You can place orders online. So far, the brand has served around 250 happy customers who keep coming back for more.

What’s next for Niharika


As business starts to gain momentum, Niharika’s talent reaches out to art lovers across the country. When asked about her future plans, the artist says “I want to expand my art, explore more art forms and become better as an artist.”

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