KEFI TALES – Packed with personalization and creativity, this brand is giving a quirky twist to gifting.

The human hands and the human mind are two powerful and creative tools. Blending them intelligently is all it takes to make that transition from ordinary to extraordinary.
This is what Ananya a lawyer by profession discovered during the lockdown. With things at a standstill she was driven to introspect. There was a voice within her that told her that it was “now or never”.

Ananya always had a passion for doing something really creative, exciting and different from the rest. This time she was determined to not miss out the chance to follow her passion. At the age of 25 with a modest investment of Rs. 10000/- she founded KEFI TALES.

HANDMADE was her focus and it still is. Beginning small, she used the skill of her hands and the thrill of her imagination, to create and market a whole range of innovative gifting options for all occasions. Appreciation poured in and from then on for KEFI TALES, there was no looking back.

Discover the magic that a thoughtful, personal handmade gift can do for every occasion

What attracts clientele to KEFI TALES, is that every single gifting option it offers is 100% customized. Each gift has that special personal touch to bring in not just that WOW factor, but also that AWWW factor, simply because the message behind the gift is so personal and so meaningful, that the receiver is simply going to be delighted and at times even overwhelmed!

KEFI TALES has something for every occasion and also can create gifts based on client suggestions. In fact, visit and displayed there will be collection of handmade gifting options that have all been made in close consultation with clients.

The customised hand-made birthday cards, wedding cards, anniversary cards and beautiful handwritten letters are just amazing. The smart desk calendars too are very much in demand. Taking pride of place are the anniversary albums, quirky shaped picture albums and gold foil luxury suitcase album. Chocolate tower, chocolate hampers, customized hampers for men, customized rings platter, exquisite book marks, table top vintage brass frames all make for a wonderful collection of gifts with real meaning!

Growth is also ultimately a DIY progression

At KEFI TALES the journey of over a year has been one of intense challenges, learning and self-development. It has also created the time and space, to ideate and curate new gifting options for its customers. Using the reach of social media to its fullest advantage, the brand has built a strong connect with a decent number of customers. Positive word of mouth has meant that it is now gearing up to serve a whole new set of customers.
Completely handmade products literally translates into a fact that the growth of KEFI TALES is in its own hands. How it maneuvers itself towards on this trajectory of growth is going to be a very interesting phase for the brand as it moves forward on a journey of self-discovery.


In the near future, Ananya is looking forward to incorporate the concept of personalized and handmade gifting not just for people on a personal level but also for the purpose of corporate gifting as well. She wants to cater to corporate events like weddings, baby showers, etc. to give it a more personal touch. Since we are currently in an era of monotonous and mass-produced items, personalized gifts always add a beauty and charm of its own.

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