cosa nostraa : An epitome of excellence crafted with precision for the men of mettle

Fashion is an all-pervading phenomenon that isn’t just confined to a particular class, culture or gender. Sure, you don’t find men’s fashion to be as widely discussed and dissected as their female counterparts. But, men like to dress up too. Modern man is conscious about what he wears and how he wears it. He understands how important it is to be well turned out in order to make a lasting impression.

cosa nostraa

While some brands attempt to explore the dynamics of men’s fashion, hardly anyone talks about men’s love for accessories. Here’s a brand all set to redefine the way men accessorize.

When we interviewed Tanuj Vijay, the Business Head of Cosa Nostraa, he said “Cosa Nostraa was launched in 2019 with an aim to bring back the lost glory of men’s accessories, which ruled the fashion scene for 200 years. We are striving to make men’s accessories as popular as it used to be, so that men can flaunt their style with ease and confidence. “

How Cosa Nostraa came into being

cosa nostraa

What inspired the creation of Cosa Nostraa was an intense desire to bring back the forgotten glory of ancient times when accessories were considered a medium of self-expression. But the journey had its fair share of challenges. As a matter of fact, there was a huge gap between supply and demand of men’s accessories. The wedding designers were solely dependent on cheap and tacky Chinese products. Every designer wants his creations to be one-of-a-kind. But using those generic buttons and brooches from the Chinese market rendered a common, unimaginative look.

At this juncture, Cosa Nostraa came to the rescue. It began collaborating with designers to create customized products. Tanuj further elaborates “We supply to more than 30 designers in India who opt for these unique creations from home-grown brands instead of importing them from China.” The price was a little on the higher side but so was the quality and service. So, be it the products or their packaging, Cosa Nostraa is “everything which is made in India”.

Where luxury is coupled with style

cosa nostraa

Cosa Nostraa offers a wide variety of men’s fashion accessories including brooches, cufflinks, buttons, pins, belts, etc. Besides accessories, the brand has come up with an impressive collection of shirts and jackets from this year onwards.

The accessories are quite popular with the wedding crowd since they serve as gorgeous gifts capable of brightening up the plainest of outfits. Witness the transformation of plain bandhgalas and sherwanis into something more elegant and exquisite, thanks to Cosa Nostraa’s charming brooches and beautiful lapel pins. Every product is inspired by history, nature and everything around us. As Tanuj aptly puts it “the whole idea is to relive the era where men used to be very fashionable and proud, probably used to accessorize a lot. This was the idea behind Cosa Nostraa”.

cosa nostraa

When the pandemic hit and everything shut down, it was time to rethink the brand’s strategy. Going online seemed to be the right thing to do. What followed was a string of tie ups with Myntra, Nykaa, Ajio, Tata and many more. What an honor it was to share the platform with acclaimed brands like Sabyasachi and Rohit Bal in multi-designer stores!

The startup has witnessed phenomenal growth in a span of three years. What started with 3-4 orders per day has grown into 150-200 orders. Even though the prices are on the steeper side, Cosa Nostraa has never been considered “pricey”. That’s because the price is accounted for by its premium quality and impeccable service.

What’s the story behind the name?

cosa nostraa

Remember the timeless classic Godfather? The brand name Cosa Nostraa which means “Our thing” in Italian, is inspired by the Sicilian Mafia depicted with style and substance in the iconic movie. Cosa Nostraa aspires to be the “Godfather” of accessories which simply means that it wants to dominate the market and be the topmost choice when it comes to men’s accessories. This isn’t just a fanciful dream but an earnest endeavor and Cosa Nostraa is working tirelessly to make it happen in another 2-3 years.


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