NEI NATIVE – A traditional recipe of making ghee, passed down over generations turned into a successful startup that is spreading genuine, nostalgic happiness!

In India, there are certain foods that have strong nostalgic memories attached to them. Just a whiff of their fragrance brings back a torrent of happy and satisfied moments. GHEE known as “Liquid Gold” for its fine flavor and golden color is one such food!

The story of NEI NATIVE too finds its roots in this super food. Founder of NEI NATIVE Nitya Ganapathy says,” My mother Jayalakshmi has been making ghee for decades, and she learnt to make it from her mother and mother-in-law. It is a closely held family thing”.

“Making the perfect homemade cultured ghee is an art. Somewhere, I felt that the fragrance and authenticity is getting lost now,” Jayalakshmi chipped in.


The encouraging response to the initial sampling she conducted got Nitya really motivated and on 1st May 2021, at the age of 46, with an investment of 5 Lacs she took the plunge with NEI NATIVE!

Since then there has been no looking back! NEI NATIVE has grown by the jars – from a mere 8 to 10 jars a day, to multiple pack orders across the country today! A super brand of super foods!

The Science of making homemade Ghee perfected into an Art!


Nei means ghee in south Indian languages. NEI NATIVE – is arguably the finest A2 Desi Cultured Ghee brand today. The reason – the age old family recipe, rigorous methodology and the traditional Bilona Method that goes into it! It takes almost 25 to 30 liters of milk to prepare one jar of ghee and 24 hours of intensive work.

The SCIENCE – A2 milk is boiled on a wood fire. Then it is allowed to cool down before being poured into an earthen pot. This is then set to curd, and placed in a cool place overnight.

The ART – Nitya and her mother Jayalakshmi step into the farm in Palghar early morning to hand churn the curd at around 4 am to get the best butter! This butter is then separated from the buttermilk and heated on a slow flame in an Uruli – a traditional south Indian brass vessel. To this golden liquid, Nitya adds a “secret natural ingredient” and then the ghee is stored in glass jars ready to be dispatched after a quality check.
The perfect granular textured, nutty flavored, toasty aroma rich NEI is ready to add generous dollops of taste, health and goodness to every meal!

Because One good order deserves another! And another!


NEI NATIVE has done exactly what a genuine food brand would do. It has delighted and captured the loyalty of the olfactory senses and taste buds of its customers by serving them a platter of the very best of natural, sourced and made products. Today, the NIE NATIVE FAN BASE is 4000+ strong. Lip smacking, nostalgia filled reviews keep pouring in from first time customers and the order basket keeps getting filled with repeat orders from the regulars!

The brand retails its products from its website and demand clicks in from select major ecommerce websites too. The current brand offering apart from its bestselling ghee, includes South Indian filter coffee powder, peanut butter, Gir forest honey, and Therattipal a soft, gooey dessert from Tamil Nadu. Other superfoods like cold pressed oils, green tea, jaggery and more will also be available soon!

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