Knots and Hoops: Take a look at Reshma’s stunning customized, handcrafted products that’ll tell your story just the way you want

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It is only when we are no longer fearful that we begin to create. ― J. M. W. Turner

And that’s how a gutsy artist turned entrepreneur Reshma Rani Binu slayed her fears and allayed those moments of self-doubt to establish a brand that aims to bring back the trend of handmade, personalized gifts so that you get to savor something that’s truly special, especially made for you. Launched in September 2020, Knots and Hoops intends to spread happiness through gorgeous handmade products that boast of sophisticated artwork and quirky designs. “Reaching out to a large number of people and making them understand the efforts put behind every product which is handmade” is all that Reshma strives to achieve with Knots and Hoops.

Journey of the artist

Knots and Hoops
Like many of us, Reshma had grown up utterly fascinated by the magical charm of art and creativity. The 21-year-old started investing more time to understand the finer nuances of embroidery through some YouTube videos. This period coincided with her undergraduate holidays. With ample time in hand and a mind brimming with creative energy, Reshma was determined to learn the craft and learn it well. She explains “After watching a couple of YouTube videos, I was intrigued to try out this new artform and in no time, that curiosity turned into a full-blown passion. In the past, my interest to learn art used to dwindle after a couple of days. But this time round, it ceased to die down.” And that’s when she knew she had found her true calling in life. Thereafter, she decided to devote time and effort to explore her artistic sensibilities and cultivate her skill as an embroidery artist. After her holidays, Reshma was working for a year, where she gave a few gifts to her colleagues in office. Her gifts were appreciated by all and this made her take up her passion more seriously. Post this, the pandemic hit. During this period, she launched her brand online.

Do it anyway..

Knots and Hoops
As a self-taught artist with no previous startup experience, Reshma went through phases of self-doubt and skepticism, unsure whether she would be able to make it as an entrepreneur. “Although everything was new to me, I gained a lot of courage and self-confidence when people started appreciating my work. I would specially like to mention my family and friends who supported me throughout my journey and believed in my work” says Reshma. She went ahead with her dream of setting up Knots and Hoops and there has been no looking back ever since.

Handmade perfections wrapped in love

Knots and Hoops
Knots and Hoops offers a bounty of happiness in the form of handmade, personalized gifts thereby evoking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. The products are crafted with lots of love and meticulous detailing, keeping in mind “something related to the life of a person” be it a beautiful life event or an unforgettable memory shared with loved ones. This makes every item unique among the rest. For Reshma, what makes all the effort worthwhile is “that small element of surprise and joy” on the faces of those receiving her lovely gifts. Here you’ll find embroidered calendars marked with the wedding date of a newly-wed couple, shirts and tops embellished with stunning embroidery, tastefully decorated vintage photo frames and can even witness creative magic woven on dry, fallen leaves. In fact, the brand started flourishing once she introduced her calendar hoops and portrait hoops collection.

What matters is the connect

Knots and Hoops
Reshma doesn’t merely wish to gain more followers or generate more profit from her artistic venture. The talented girl aspires to establish a strong, long-term connection with her customers. A favorable customer review saying he/she really loved Knots and Hoops products is enough to keep Reshma going in the direction of her dreams.

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