Melted – Materializing feelings neatly wrapped in ribbons and bows! Your go-to gifting partner.

The Outset:

Everyone has their own way of demonstrating and feeling love. However, while your thought does certainly count, it is essential that the person at the receiving end understands and appreciates the depth of your love for them. It is this understanding that led Sana, a bright young entrepreneur, to leave the comfort of her cosy 9 to 5 corporate job and found Melted. Frequently, she saw that relatives and other loved ones, without putting much thought, pass on gifts during several intimate occasions and festivals. To cater to this gap, Melted provides a host of diverse and bespoke gifting solutions ranging from soy wax candles to luxury soaps. While most products are hand-crafted in-house, the central theme of Melted remains flexibility. Unlike other gifting solution providers, Melted goes a step further in understanding your needs and relations and seeks to customise the gift in a way the most aptly expresses your love.

The Transition:

Melted has grown from a small neighbourhood Diwali stand to a company that caters to the gifting requirements of large multinational corporations and thousands of individuals. This transition, however, was not easy. In the initial days, Sana hustled around the clock and worked on average 90 hours in a week. She would devote time to Melted after her corporate job and often worked late into the night and over weekends. Even after she quit her job, there were weeks with low work in the initial few months. As Sana tell us, “you just simply need to put your head down and have faith!” The hustling has since paid off and Melted has now reached a stage wherein it has its own production factory and ships to clients both nationally and internationally.

The Reach:

Within a short span of a little over a year since its formal incorporation, Melted has already catered to more than 20,000 individuals across 15+ countries. Some of its clients include multinational corporations such as PepsiCo, Hewlett Packard, Apollo Health, and DLF. It has also executed multiple wedding orders has gifting solutions for all occasions. In all of this, regardless of the size of the order, Melted ensures that its products are hand-crafted in small batched to ensure that each order is given equal attention and respect.

A Social Conscience:

All Melted products are environmentally safe and sustainable. While 98% of the candles available in the market have paraffin wax to varying degrees (which is cancerous and environmentally harmful after burning), Melted only used pure soy wax in its candles despite the high raw material cost. Moreover, Melted has tied up with Aravindam Gurukul – an NGO working towards empowerment of rural women and children – and has conducted several training workshops for making products such as face masks, macramé, and candles. These skills help rural women to become financially independent.

The Road Ahead….

Presently, Melted is focussed on bringing more products under its umbrella to ensure that the increasing needs of its clients are always catered to. It is in the process of expanding and developing a bigger creative team with the eventual aim of expanding its operations abroad.

So whatever may be the occasion – a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate event – if there is a need to make someone feel special, Melted has got your back!

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