Mistyquearts: A Trove Of Resin Curations

    “Products are created in a factory but brands are created in the mind.”-Walter London

    The Burgeoning Demand of Resin Creations in India


    Resin art comes originally from the West and was booming in countries like Australia & U.S.over the years. Now, it has gained a fair share of admirers and takers in India too.

    The ART resin is chemically less toxic and harsh and can be used for beautiful artistic creations. Its glass-like luster and sturdy chemical composition is what makes resin both, attractive and versatile. It is as suitable for fluid art as it is for definitive structural pieces. The resin is fused with colour pigments, mica powders, real dry flowers, glitters etc and used to create a beautifully chaotic yet somehow synchronized array of colors and textures. From sculpture to furniture, from jewelry to wall art, resin is being used in inventive ways.


    Pouring a dash of colors and spreading her artistic vibe on social media is one talented resin artist Mamtaa Mangla who started her brand MystiqueArts in July 2021. The brand is in the business of handmade resin products and they happily customize any gift options the client seeks such as CakeStands, coasters & tableware collection, clock series, alphabet key chains & wall decors, nameplates, and festive decors. 

    Story Behind The Brand’s Emergence & Uniqueness


    Mamtaa was a full-time homemaker and a keen learner for new things.Being an art ardent,she was drawn to Resin art when she was exploring unique handmade art options.Her first botanical wall clock as a gift for her mother’s birthday earned loads of appreciation and pushed her to follow her passion for art and launch her own brand. With a modest investment and encouragement from her family & friends, she finally launched her brand MystiqueArts.

    Every creation of MystiqueArts has a unique design, color tone, and elements. No two designs look alike. Besides a lot of love and care goes into ideation and creation of every piece. The innovativeness & meticulous finesse makes each product different from the rest. The brand loves to create traditional Bandanwars and tea light coasters to modern botanical pieces using unique and rare real pressed flowers in the work.

    The Geographic Reach


    MystiqueArts has so far served more than 50 orders all over India within a mere span of 6 months since its launch. Their souvenirs and personalized gifting options are getting great customer testimonies and the brand has seen exponential growth in the recent months. They are currently working on their website, catalogue assimilation and setting up an etsy shop as well.

    The Brand’s Mission & Vision


    Biggest encouragement for an artist is the appreciation they receive for their work. Hence in forthcoming years, the brand wants to cater to large-scale orders and reach a larger customer base. MystiqueArts also wants to put up their exhibitions and showcase their unique creations through this platform so that there is more brand awareness. It also aims to train budding artists eventually who are interested in resin art forms.

    Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/mistyquearts/

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