Your Palette Is Going To Get Hooked On Blendifyy

    “The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”- Ann Wigmore

    The Real Consumer Awakening


    The demand for preservative free food is growing day by day as consumers are understanding its importance for a healthier life.

    The unfortunate part however is that almost 80% of the packaged food we get today contains a variety of chemicals, some of which are very harmful to our health, such as preservatives. However, with more customer awakening, many brands have launched organic, chemical free products.

    Bringing such products to every doorstep is one startup brand named Blendifyy. It is a women led business that produces jams, cocktail/mocktail syrups, crushers and probiotic beverages. All their products are fresh and preservative free.

    The Ingenuity Behind The Business

    Blendifyy is the brainchild of Shifali Aggarwal and Shilpa Gupta. Shifali and Shilpa launched their startup “Blendifyy” in September 2021.

    Shifali and Shilpa both belong to a baniya family where cooking at home has been a passion amongst all the family members. During Covid, there was both time & an inner drive within them to do something of their own. Having culinary skills in hand, they wanted to create homemade products which were not easily available in the market & were free of preservatives. And hence came the idea of making mocktail mix which came off as their first product. 

    A Sneak- Peek into Blendifyy’s Handmade Gourmet Food & Drinks

    Their product offerings comprise a whole bouquet of assorted jams, crush syrups, mocktail mix, probiotic drinks and a variety of sauces. Some of their most popular jam flavours include Mango Jalapeno, Orange Marmalade, Almond Plum Apple, Pineapple Coconut, Apricot Peach etc.

    The best part about their yummy crush syrups are the vastness of flavors they offer and the multiple use they render in making milk mixers, mocktail syrups and cakes. Their Pineapple Crush, Butterscotch Crush, Strawberry & Mango Crush are some of the all time customer favourites.

    Their Cocktail & Mocktail mixtures such as Peach Sunrise, Very Berry Margarita, Herb Sangria, Raspberry Chilly sparkles are just perfect for every party. In addition, they also provide Probiotic Drinks, Peanut & Date butter, Avocado Spread, Sundried tomatoes & abundant of sauces.

    How does their packaged food & drinks differ from the majority of other brands?

    All the products of Blendifyy are handmade in small batches using high-quality fresh fruits. They add rock threaded sugar in their products that is used widely in Ayurveda & is not harmful to the body as it is chemical-free. They do not use any artificial colours or preservatives. Moreover, the flavors they offer are very unique than those available in the market and can be used for multiple things like spreads, fillings, cake toppings etc.

    Raising a Toast to Blendifyy’s Happy Customers!


    Blendifyy has so far served around 245 orders to date and received a huge scale corporate order during Diwali. Their startup services are spread across all cities and has particularly gained popularity and momentum in Mumbai, Delhi, Baroda, Bangalore and cities in North India.

    The Longterm Goal

    In the coming years, Blendifyy envisions their products to be available via online platform too. It aims to be known well in North Indian markets where mocktail mix is uncommon and people usually go for preservative-based products.

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