The Nommers – This app connects your hunger pangs to authentic home chefs and their delicious home-cooked meals.

    Technology used intelligently is a boon. This was proven during the pandemic when entrepreneurs harnessed their potential to deliver innovative solutions.

    Launched in December 2021, founders of The Nommers – Leeann and Divya used the power of technology to create a genuine platform to address a latent demand – access to authentic home-cooked food. The Nommers is not your usual “Ghar ka Khaana” App. It is for the discerning foodie, looking for something different happy to experiment with diverse tastes.

    The Nommers

    Co-founder Leeann explains, “We are a bridge between home chefs, home curated Food Brands and evolved foodies. People who know what they are looking for: something different from what regular ‘authentic’ cuisine restaurants offer.

    We offer access to a curated network of passionate, professionally- managed expert home chefs. Already to not just serve you that meal you’ve always longed for, but stand behind it confidently.”

    Every cuisine has its own story and The Nommers wants to say it as real as it can be…

    The Nommers

    Another differential is the pre-order culture, unlike any other food delivery app in the market. This is not for mass consumption of food, but for people who love their food, want it to be as authentic as possible and are willing to savour slow-cooked delicacies at leisure. In a way, it is also a dream come true for chefs and home cooks who want to pursue their passion but cannot afford that big setup.

    Divya the co-founder adds “We call ourselves a home food collective and we are hoping to build a community around food. Over time we hope to create a circular economy where every participant in the community gets due visibility and business growth.” 

    The whole intention is to be a superior food delivery experience that delivers even condiments and provisions: pickles, crisps, sweets, bread, and other traditional items. Farmers and fishermen are a part of this Collective. Gourmet pet food is also a part of the product offerings at THE NOMMERS. This is as holistic as they come.

    If food is about taste and consistency THE NOMMERS is about commitment and honesty 

    The Nommers

    “We definitely have an appetite for growth, however we believe in growing together. It’s more about delivering that connect and making the food experience really authentic and memorable.” says Divya.

    THE NOMMERS has 50+ marquee home chefs and Food Brands on board, fulfilling approx. 500-600 orders within the first few weeks of Operations. The team aims to sign up at least 1,000 chefs and serve around 30,000 customers and scale it up to 10,000 monthly orders by the Quarter I of FY 22-23.  Brewing is a strategic partnership that will be announced shortly.

    The Nommers presented to you by the Creative Steward Albert B who has put together (along with Divya and Leeann) a universe of Nomsters – a Nomsterverse – of delightful little munchkin-like characters who take great pride in acting out the different cuisine cultures, introducing events and festivals. The Nomsterverse is a diverse culture itself, full of its own lexicon, characters, and light-hearted banter. Get a taste of this at The Nommer’s. 

    The Nommers is currently operational in Mumbai and Bengaluru, and in the next 6 months the plan is to go pan-India. 

    It’s time to get nom-nomming!

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