MIRA’S CRAFT – Eye-catching home décor that will brighten and liven up your space.

Paper quilling, has been popular since the 15th century. However, this paper art has experienced a resurgence in popularity during the last couple of years. You can find paper quilling incorporated into cardmaking, paper flowers, jewelry and even into wall art. It is incredible how you can make complicated shapes and patterns from simple paper strips.


To take that skill, work with that art and build a popular home décor brand is definitely a challenge. A challenge that Swapna Khade founder of MIRA’S CRAFT gladly accepted.

Swapna started with paper quilling art as a hobby in 2010. She quit her job after spending 11 years in the advertising industry.  In 2018 she went to the Netherlands where she started quilling and painting.


“I sold 30 frames within the first 8 months and it gave me the confidence to kick-start my business dream. After dabbling in making cute greeting cards and envelopes for family and friends, at the age of 32 with a capital of INR 15,000, I decided to finally turn into a full time entrepreneur,” says Swapna.

Today, on offer are exquisitely designed wall frames for home décor, gifts, interior design, and more, under the brand name of Mira’s Craft – Mira being the name of Swapna’s beloved daughter.

Mira’s Craft – Amazing Paper Art that will enchant you, tempt you and make you feel like owning every single creation…


Swapna calls herself an independent paper typographer and illustrator. Her signature work in flowing floral patterns marked with distinct bright and bold colors and cold colors as well. There is so much drama in the way she twists, turns and shapes paper to craft a stylish and unique piece of art. Art that looks fabulous in every space.


Alphabet Quilled Monogram Frame, Quilled Business Logo, Thematic Quilled Art for Gifting, Animal Theme Quilled Art Frame, Divine Quill Art, Quirky Message Quill Frame, Festive Wishes Quill Art, Love Art, Flowers, Watercolour Paintings and more. The portfolio is quite exhaustive as it is exciting!  What’s so special is that each and every piece is handmade lovingly by the artist.

Commenting on her art Swapna told The Business Press, “Quilling requires a lot of patience matched with good spatial imagination and color sense, to create a vibrant combination of flowing shapes, correct proportions and eye-catching themes.”


When genuine passion and an artistic vision drive an entrepreneur, business takes on a different dimension

“I have always aspired to start a business fueled by my passion. A venture that would give me true creative satisfaction,” shared Swapna.  

Today MIRA’S CRAFT is evolving exactly like the art it creates – beautifully and patiently. Having shipped her intricately designed paper creations to more than 500 customers nationally and internationally, Swapna ensures that every single client is delighted to receive art created by her.


Plans are afoot to create a self-owned studio space with a gallery so that people could come, watch her work and also admire the artworks on display.

MIRA’S CRAFT intends to take the challenging art of paper quilling and cutting to a different level altogether and bring it into mainstream home décor. Another honest aspiration of Swapna is to be recognized for the 3D like art that she creates using paper.


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Website – mirascraft.com / mirascraft.in

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/SwapnaKhade

Pinterest – https://in.pinterest.com/swapnakhade/

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MIRA’S CRAFT – Eye-catching home décor that will brighten and liven up your space.


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