Debdyuti Creates – Intricately Sewing Luminous Stories

“Beautiful things come together with one stitch at a time” – Donna Goddard

Indian Embroidery Market – Old Is Forever Gold

Nowadays it is all about prints and patterns and 3D printing and color blocking and fabric contrasting. But since all the things ’60s and ‘70s are coming back, how could embroidery and patchwork be left behind. Fashion always keeps changing, but the Indian embroidery designs have managed to maintain a place in the fashion industry throughout all the changing scenarios.

Indian embroidery is cherished by craftsmen and has the world swooning over them.

Debdyuti Creates

India is known for its beautiful myriad forms of embroidery techniques, elegance, and sophistication. Embroidery designs in India are influenced by different cultures and have a flavor of their own. Every state and region boasts of its style, but needlework is not merely a means of ornamentation.

The fabrics are also threaded with stories of the community, with motifs emerging from its natural surroundings. The calming effects aside, a piece of neat needlework can also be the perfect gift for a dear friend or a family member to create a strong sense of connection.

Essaying The Characters With Handmade Embroidery & Painting

Debdyuti Creates

Debdyuti Creates is the brainchild of 24-year high-flyer Debdyuti, who started her business in August 2020. Debdyuti comes from Siliguri.

Debdyuti Creates was a lockdown experiment. Lockdown brought changes to most of our lives but it gave her this opportunity to give some time to a long-lost hobby again. Started only out of the love for art never thought she would be able to earn something out of it. This is when she realized that she didn’t want to give up on art so soon and wanted to take it up real seriously. 

Initially, she started with her paintings and it was only in 2021 that she mastered the embroidery skills during her idle time in the lockdown phase. Her work that reached & got sold in her friend’s circle gradually started being recognized & demanded by potential customers.

The inspiration for her work comes from the characters of this book lover who paints it vibrantly on postcards, cut-outs, notebook cover pages, cloth-based bags & pouches. A true nature lover too and an ardent fan of Tagore’s books, the Harry Potter Series & plenty of other books, Debdyuti’s Creations are focused mainly on Women empowerment, plants, and flower, Bengal art & culture. For instance, in most of her work, the use of shiuli flowers could be seen to mark the auspiciousness at the onset of Durga Puja.

The Brand’s Uniqueness & Goals Ahead

Debdyuti Creates

In an era of jewelry that is made of silver, gold, or other metals, resin, plastics, or rubbers or imported from the Chinese & Korean market, where could you find handmade authentic embroidered earrings, clips, brooches & other accessories? Her intricate embroidery designs on cloth bases and characters painting on Brustro watercolor papers based on themes or customized according to client’s needs have received an overwhelming response on her Instagram page.

The brand has also collaborated with dreamcoversindia which sells mobile covers and tees primarily based on Bengal traditions. Debdyuti _Creates also got featured in the blogs of thewhimsybookform by Pooja Talapatra

Debdyuti, pursuing her Masters in Geography is efficiently handling her career and business and aims to take her brand ahead in a unique way with her innovative creations. Her exhibitions attracted the interest of many celebrities and the brand has been fulfilling 20-30 orders almost every month.

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