Chaiops: This tea brand is brewing up a success story, making each sip unforgettable.

“No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served.” This popular quote by Earlene Grey encapsulates the homely feeling that one experiences when they take a sip of one of the most popular drinks in the world. A perfect cup of tea is something many wish to achieve. It all starts with water and tea leaves, however, each tea drinker has his or her own version of the perfect cup of tea. With time, several flavours have been introduced further elevating the humble cup of tea into a drink with numerous layers as well as textures. success story

Satvir Singh is a tea lover who decided to take this very feeling of home that tea offers and spread it across the country so that each person experiences the feeling of home. Along with his partner Nitin Tomar, he has successfully set up 50+ tea cafes pan India that sell a special blend of tea leaves that will make each sip unforgettable.

Chaiops: Humble Beginnings


Hailing from a poor family of laborers, Satvir Singh always had the drive and ambition to do something big. He completed his MBA from Delhi University and began working in sales. “Since I was in sales and marketing I had a lot of on field assignments due to which I traveled a lot. During this time, I would stop by at tea stalls and consume 9-10 cups of tea every day. Once when I was drinking tea, a thought came to my mind that maybe I should develop a dedicated tea blend that will appeal to all tea lovers in India.” Says Singh.

So in 2017, he began researching on the tea industry in India and realized that there is no dedicated brand that sells tea to local vendors and stalls. Intensive research spanning 16 months led him to create the model that is today known as Chaiops. But it was not smooth sailing for him yet. “I was undergoing some financial difficulties and was not able to arrange the funds. I then approached Nitin Tomar and showed him the entire business model and explained by vision to him. He was very impressed, however he too could not raise the money. Then I suggested that he could sell his car and with the money he received from it, could invest it in the business. Upon some convincing, he agreed to this and with Rs 2 lakh, we opened our first café in Gurgaon,” explains the founder.


As the brand grew, more and more cafes sprouted in cities like Bhubaneswar and Dehradhun until the brand had a presence of 50 cafes across the length and breadth of the country. The numbers that these cafes make is truly impressive, as in 2020 1 lac kullars of tea were served every day. In 2021, the number almost doubled to 2.7 lac per day. Today Chaiops serves an astounding 5 lac kullars every day!

Exploring New Horizons (success story)


Chaiops sells a range of flavoured teas like Paan, Strawberry, Rose, Kadak, Cardamom, Elaichi, Ginger, Chocolate, Tulsi etc. The brand has also begun getting inquiries from customers who love their various blends and flavours to create mixes and sachets of their favourite flavours which they can enjoy in their own home as well. Satvir Singh obliged and now these packets are part of Chaiops retail line.

After conquering the domestic market, Chaiops has its eye on the international market as well. The brand has a presence in Viratnagar Nepal as well as Dhaka Bangladesh and is in talks with Abu Dhabi UAE as well. Singh’s vision for the brand is to make it an international chain equivalent to that of Pizza Hut and Burger King with multiple outlets in multiple cities across the globe. He would like to see Chaiops present in countries like US, UK, Canada and other middle-eastern countries. Being a passionate tea lover, Satvir Singh is ready to take over the world, one teacup at a time.

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