TREESARA ORGANICA – Savor the best of mother earth with this organic food startup’s healthy and natural products.

As more and more people become health-conscious, the awareness about organic food and its multiple benefits is increasing at a fast pace. But cultivating organic food and marketing the same, is a different challenge altogether. It requires self-belief and a deep passion to sustain and turn a superfood venture, into a recognized, accepted and profitable brand.

Something that Sambhav R had in abundance! No wonder the venture TREESARA ORGANICA is being recognized as a genuine and consistent source for an entire range of Organic Super Foods!

The venture actually has its roots as a university project which Sambhav started in 2018 and came into being only in March 2022 with a brand portfolio of 10 superfoods.  In the interim, there was a lot of conversations happening with farmers.   A concerted initiative, saw TREESARA ORGANICA working alongside farmers, to bring back traditional cow-based farming practices and help them achieve abundant yields, without using toxic, chemical-based pesticides or fertilizers.

“TREESARA ORGANICA strives to provide you with that spoonful of bliss that will transport you back to the way food was – pure, organic and unadulterated,” is how Sambhav sums up the business essence.

It’s more than just organic food it is also about sustainability and going back to our roots…

treesara organica

TREESARA ORGANICA has built a network of over 750 farmer across India to source the most authentic and natural foods right from the original source. Moringa from Tamil Nadu, Tulsi and Amla from Uttar Pradesh, Wheatgrass from Madhya Pradesh, Ashwangandha and Brahmi from Uttarakhand, Shatavari from Arunachal Pradesh, Giloy from Bihar, Ginger from Karbi Anglong in Assam.  

All superfoods available in a cleaned and naturally dried powder form, packed with the pure goodness and healing power of natural raw ingredients. Also available is a power-packed Kadha of Tulsi, Dry Ginger, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.

Easy to consume either with warm water, milk, ghee, honey, they give your body an immunity boost, improve overall health, reduce stress, improve digestion, enhance skin and hair health and a lot more!

Nurturing the organic habit and slowly but steadily, evolving into a preferred choice for the informed consumer

TREESARAA ORGANICA has ventured into a very competitive organic food vertical where the genuineness of the products offered, the quality and the taste will catch on only after a customer uses it and finds it up to his or her expectations.  So growth is expected to be gradual, but the beauty of it is that once a customer’s trust is won – the customer will become a lifelong fan!

The brand’s is fulfilling over 100 orders a day and the goal is to reach out and find a place in every household that demands healthy organic food. The ultimate long-term goal is to be the FIRST CHOICE, whenever anyone thinks of genuine, high quality, high nutrition organic food.

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