Ravishing Art Store- Crafting The Most Ethereal Pieces For Your Dream Home (resin art)

“ In these mass-produced times, craftsmanship is something we really need to hold on to.”- Becky Pearce resin art

Resin Art Is ‘The New Cool’

Ravishing Art Store

As technology grows exponentially and as social media is gaining popularity day by day the small business sector is becoming successful. Because of Instagram, many small businesses have started to rise and resin art is one of them. It may be considered an unconventional way of art but resin sculptures and resin art is becoming a trend these days.

A host of artists have taken to creating a variety of things — jewelry, bookmarks, clocks, and photo frames – using epoxy resins and met with success. Geode art uses epoxy resin, an organic polymer compound, as the main raw. People are drawn to geode art because of its hyper-glossy finish. Visual appeal and the ability to customize products have played a major role in the growth of resin pages.

Vrajangna Patel, Setting Examples For All Budding Resin Artists

Ravishing Art Store

Every artist was first an amateur. So the mantra for all art aficionados is to let their creativity flow with resin art and draw inspiration from the super talented Resin artist Vrajangna Patel, a postgraduate in Biotechnology & an avid art lover.

Vrajangna has over 4 years of experience working with resin and is a self-taught artist who loves experimenting with different mediums like resin, acrylics, 3d murals, mixed media, and a lot more. She also conducts resin art workshops for art lovers and has so far trained 30k students with the tools and techniques of creating resin masterpieces right from the scratch. She helps them to become resin artists and shares tips on how to start their own resin business.

During Covid times, she conducted online workshops on like platforms like Paathshala, and Bitclass where she designed courses for resin art learners. Her commendable work has made her earn laurels in her field and she got featured on iwonmagazine and Instagram pages @ the _ deserving-artists and @ wallartindia. Her solo exhibitions in Gujarat, London & U.S are vital testimonies of her immaculate work.

She is also interested in other art forms like knife painting and mandala art. The vibrant colors and textures in Vrajangna’s art are certainly results worth striving for.

The Strong Inertia Towards Various Artforms & Ideation Behind The Launch of Ravishing Art Store

Ravishing Art Store

Ever since childhood, Vrajangna always found reaching out for colors and the vibrancy through which she could express herself. She started her professional career in art and crafts and spent hours diligently to make it a successful journey.

Proceeding her work with a few international paper company design teams, she followed her intuitive process that majorly involved experimenting. Her interest gradually shifted to Resin Art when she got hooked on this beautiful abstract art form and lay the foundation of her business in December 2018 with the name -Ravishing Art Store.

The brand is into the making of all resin products like nameplates, tableware, home décors as huge as 4-5 feet tall, personalized gifting items like photo frames, key chains, etc.

Vrajangna shares her journey and mentions how consistent brainstorming ideas helped her- “While learning resin art, I found myself deeply integrated with the essence of art that is choreographed free-flowing resin on a canvas. The more I experimented, the more creative I became. My physical endeavor is a reflection of my mind and its cosmic vision.

The fluidity of resin on the canvas supported by my experimental ideas cause me to evolve gradually. By fusing my passion for art and recurring curiosity for creativity, I continued experimenting with resin art with photos initially, using different mediums like acrylics, glass paints, glitters, crystals, etc.

I am more enticed by the creative process as it brings me more challenges, and that’s like food to my soul. I am taking my time to explore this art form comprehensively. Currently, I am experimenting with wood slab casting in resin to create river tables and coffee tables. I am trying to use resin and mix it with different mediums that best support my ideas to create art to be its creation.”

Reeling In Customers With Aesthetic Creations

Ravishing Art Store

So far the brand has served around 5323 orders to its happy customers in Pan India and the brand saw a surge in demand during Covid times when people could not move out and had ample time to decorate their interiors. Her curated collections can be bought online through various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Etsy Stores, and the brand’s website.

The Brand’s Future Goals

Ravishing Art Store

Vrajangna believes not in the mere production of bulk orders but in spreading smiles on the buyer’s faces by helping them preserve their memories through her customized creations . Her vision lies in creating an art community with like-minded people and always learning something new is the motto of her business journey.

She takes immense pride and mirth when the participants trained and guided by her during workshops perform well independently and fulfill orders in collaboration with interior designers and architects. Through her meticulous work, she has come a long way as an artist, and I aim to reach greater heights in the years ahead.

Website link – https://ravishingart.store/

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/vrajangna/

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