LABEL MY LOUNGEWEAR – Aim for a goodnight’s sleep with the most comfortable and affordable women’s nightwear.

When style and comfort collide, magic happens. Clothing is supposed to be comfy, but only a few brands are aware of this fact. There are some businesses on the market who are so focused on manufacturing apparel that they forget that clothing is supposed to be extremely comfortable. However, there are other manufacturers that place a premium on comfort and quality. Today, we’re going to tell you about LABEL MY LOUNGEWEAR, one of these brands.

Label my Loungewear is a women’s clothing brand that specialises in super-comfy and super-affordable nightwear.


This is a story of a mother turned entrepreneur, Megha quit her job in 2019 to embark on her entrepreneur journey. Based out of Tirupur which is known as “knitwear capital of India” Megha wanted to explore the textiles of this city for which it is famous for. To start off she did a brief course on Merchandising & Apparel designing to understand the basics of garments.

When the pandemic hit, after a lot of brainstorming, Megha decided to launch her loungewear business. At that time, Megha was pregnant with her 2nd child and wanted something comfy for her growing body to stay at home since it was the pandemic year and she was going to spend most of the time indoors. She made the first PJ set for herself and found it to be amazing.

Then she thought there might be so many women looking for comfortable clothes to lounge around at home and that’s when LABEL MY LOUNGEWEAR came into the picture. When asked about the brand’s name and logo, Megha stated that she had always wanted a meaningful name for it. The fact of life is that you don’t share sleepwear with anyone unlike other party wear, and so sleepwear has a sense of belongingness which feels like 2nd skin to you, that’s how Label My Loungewear came into the picture.

In terms of the brand logo, she chose an owl as the emblem because a charming tiny owl represents wisdom & endurance.


Label my Loungewear is a clothing company that sells women’s pyjama sets in a variety of beautiful patterns. “COMFORT is always our top focus,” Megha replied when questioned about the brand’s originality.

“Also, I’d like to branch out into children’s clothing soon because there’s a lot of demand from moms who want to have the same nightwear for their children. Many people have embraced the brand, and as a result of the print, pricing, and quality, and now we want to foray into nursing wear and active wear as there is lot of demand.” Megha told The Business Press.


Label my loungewear quickly became a fan favourite within a few months of its launch. Megha’s vision is to grow her brand and expand on her product offerings in the near future, with comfortable apparels that aren’t just for the night, but also for the day, with quirky prints that people can wear all day. Once she scales up her business, she would like to launch her own website so that it is customer friendly in placing orders. She would like to expand on other ecommerce platforms and make global presence. Her products are currently available online for purchase. The brand has served over 2,000 happy customers to date.

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