DAKINI BY DAISY – Meet this ethnic wear brand that intends to make a mark globally

When in life, you find yourself in circumstances that ask you to relocate and start all over again, take it as a sign that life has some bigger and better plans for you.
This is exactly what Daisy the founder of DAKINI BY DAISY adopted as her life motto and look where it has taken her today!

After getting married in 2018, Daisy quit her job in Bangalore and shifted to Odisha, where she decided to start something of her own. Always being interested in fashion, she researched opportunities for Handloom and Handcrafted products and started networking with karigars across India. Investing hers and her husband’s savings and taking a small loan, Daisy on 16th December 2019, founded DAKINI BY DAISY. The pandemic that came within 3 months was a really trying phase, but she did not give up and persevered to take the brand to where it stands today.

Daisy is today the proud owner of her very own fashion label for HOMEGROWN ● HANDWOVEN ● HANDCRAFTED – Sarees, Unstitched Salwaar Suits and Dupattas.

Design, comfort and grace – these are the top priorities at DAKINI BY DAISY

At DAKINI BY DAISY every single saree or fabric piece is handcrafted by talented craftsmen from the traditional garment hub of Banaras, Odisha, Gujarat, South India and Maharashtra. The material, the finish and the distinctive signature prints of each region is a treat to the eyes. To the women wearing these creations it is indeed a self-expressed statement of their excellent taste and fashion persona.

Daisy working in close collaboration with her team of karigars offers Sarees in a palette of colours and fabrics that are simply breathtaking. Elegant, feather light, gorgeous, soft, dreamy these words accurately describe the brand!

Banarasi Khadi Chiffon Georgette Kadhwa Sarees, Ajrakh Modal Silk Sarees, Handwoven Chanderi Sarees, Bandhej Gajji Silk Sarees, Mul Mul Sarees, Mangalgiri Sarees, Kota Doria Sarees, Hand-Embroidered Lukhnowi Chikankari Sarees, Maheswari Silk and Cotton Sarees, Handwoven Kanchipuram Pure Silk Handwoven Sarees, Jacquard Jamdani Sarees and more. The handcrafted salwar suit material and stoles too have a class of their own.

Weaving a handcrafted success story that is creating waves across the country…

With its breathtaking range of fabrics, colours and designs, DAKINI BY DAISY has caught the eye of a lot of customers across India. With orders flowing in from customers in India, they also intend to fulfill orders from clients across the globe.

On an average 5 to 10 orders are fulfilled and shipped each day, and till date the brand has dispatched over 2500 sarees to its appreciative customers. This garment brand which truly showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of a woman and her beautiful creations, is not just VOCAL for LOCAL but also VOCAL for GLOBAL too. DAKINI BY DAISY intends to be a global brand.

DAKINI BY DAISY is truly a label that women aspire to wear and also a label that is to be watched out for a quintessential success story in the making.

So head over to https://www.instagram.com/dakini_by_daisy/ and be ready to be swept off your feet!

To know more visit – https://www.facebook.com/dakinibydaisy/

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