Witness the rise of Indian art through the relentless pursuit of an entrepreneur and her ambitious creation named Kanha Curates

kanha curates

Indian art has stood tall for centuries surviving the vagaries of time and the harshness of circumstances. Despite the challenges, it lives on in the heart of every art lover, thanks to the efforts of people who recognise its extraordinary appeal and take initiatives to preserve and protect its unique charm for generations to see. If Indian art has made inroads into the mainstream, it is thanks to the socially-conscious and artistically-inclined  startups that realize the need to save the diverse art forms of India from becoming outdated, thus coming up with unique ways to reinvent and revise the dying art of this glorious country.

Launched in August 2020 by art lover cum entrepreneur Gauri, Kanha Curates is a promising new startup that aims to make art accessible to everyone so that those who genuinely love Indian art fall in love with it even more and those who’ve not yet discovered its magic soon get enamoured by its eternal beauty.

The brand is focused on curating authentic stuff that gives a glimpse of the significance of that artwork and the story behind its creation. Its mission is “ to bring Indian art to the mainstream commercial market” thus ensuring an enduring popularity of Indian art and greater love and acceptance for Indian artistes. After all, for a civilisation to not just survive but thrive, it’s important for its artistic legacy to be understood, appreciated and celebrated.

The power of an idea

kanha curates
kanha curates

As a resident of Delhi, Gauri witnessed the struggles of people who come to the city in search of work. Some of them pointed out how the things which are sold in the mainstream market in the name of authenticity are nothing but distorted versions of the original art form. Be it the rasgullas or the Kahava- none of these celebrated dishes come close to their original flavors of Bengal and Kashmir respectively. This made Gauri think to herself “In the age of social media and e-commerce platforms, why can’t we bring original products to the mainstream markets of prominent cities like Delhi and Mumbai? Why not get authentic stuff online?”

That’s how this idea came up. Soon, Gauri and her team began collaborating with the artists and farmers to source the genuine products.

Kanha Curates: Resurgence of art and artisans

kanha curates

Kanha Curates is basically trying to remarket and reposition Indian Art in the way that suits the modern urbanly aesthetic. The brand is involved in the designing process and marketing of its art, relying on talented, local artisans to create designs especially catering to the young audience. The first line of products that has been launched is blue pottery, a traditional craft of Jaipur that’s almost on the verge of obscurity.

The aesthetically pleasing blue pottery is a much better alternative to the easily available plastic plates. Gauri asks “Why not buy something which is aesthetic, beautiful and doesn’t hamper your health or damage you in any way?” Team Kanha Curates is involved in the revival of this artform by introducing cool and trendy designs that would entice the young, urbane customers of India and abroad. Gauri further adds “Moving forward we’ll work with more artisans to curate designs and create products of their niche and launch them to the audience through Instagram or other social media and digital platforms.”

Its services are available across India with around 20 orders placed till date. The startup “went on the floor last month” and business has just begun to gather pace. It intends to target the young crowd and ease them into understanding Indian culture through the brand’s dedicated content and eye-catching products.

Roadmap for the future

kanha curatess

Gauri wishes to see Indian art scaling new heights in the near future. When asked about future goals, she remarks “I want more communities on my page and I want something which is authentically Indian and rooted in Indian culture.” Indian art can flourish only when the popular culture embraces its essence and this platform certainly intends to play a big role in shaping up the artistic sensibilities of its customers.

Kanha Curates ships their products PAN India. They are currently accepting orders for blue pottery via message. Every purchase from customers, in turn, help them empower their talented but struggling artisans.

To know more visit – https://www.instagram.com/kanhacurates/

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