Konvophilia – Meet Dr. Khushbu Pandya, India’s 1st Social Media Ph.D holder who is running a 360-degree digital marketing agency for end-to-end solutions under one roof.

From an MBA, to a PhD, to being the Founder of a pioneering and highly successful social media marketing company Konvophilia – the journey of Dr. Khushbu Pandya is indeed worthy of multiple accolades in the marketing domain.

Completing her MBA, Khushbu joined Vodafone, then quit because she didn’t connect with it. Then she entered teaching but it soon lost its appeal. That’s when the buzz happening around the word “social media marketing” caught her eye. To learn more, she enrolled in the PHD program, and earned India’s 1st Social Media Doctorate. Learning complete, Khushbu looked for intern opportunities, but finding none she started her own company in 2012.

Konvo stands for meaningful conversations, while Philia is about love and friendship. So Konvophilia is about starting meaningful brand conversations and getting customers to fall in love with them.” Says Khushbu.

Started with a bare minimum investment, it was a challenging phase as traditional advertising was still holding sway and no one really trusted or believed in social media marketing. With time and the emergence of highly active social media platforms however, the business clicked. Soon Konvophilia transformed into a full service, social media marketing solutions and strategy company.

Giving businesses an identity… with new age media solutions and insightful strategy…


What makes Konvophilia tick is that, social media marketing is highly targeted, measurable and almost three times less expensive than traditional advertising channels. It creates and executes communication strategies for entrepreneurs, start-ups, professionals and established brands too.

“Our niche is lifestyle and luxury brands in the hospitality, healthcare, education, fashion, entertainment and more. Our mandate is not just restricted to social media, but holistic creative marketing solutions, like Branding and PR too. When we onboard a brand we do thorough research and tailor our solutions to the brand’s needs,” elaborates Khushbu

The service portfolio offers Social Media Consulting, Strategy Formulation, Marketing & Brand Communication, Website Design, Blog Management, Social Media Workshops, and lot more. Other than these services, clients can get free updates and latest information in the world of social media through the Konvophilia blog.

From communication makeover for small businesses to a takeover of Asian markets-milestones are in the making!  

Konvophilia till now, has wielded its expertise in the digital marketing sphere, to influence and transform business and brand communication for over 1000+ customers. These are customers who own small businesses and are building their brands using the reach and power of social media.

“It is my personal mission to help small businesses market themselves on social media. I make it a point to educate my clients on the advantages of smart branding and advertising. Today, in spite of not being such a well known brands, they have racked up excellent metrics,” says Khushbu with confidence!

She envisions a lot of growth – transitioning to be the number one company in Asia for luxury and lifestyle brands and to be a market leader in India.

To know more visit : www.konvophilia.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DrKhushbuPandya/
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 Website: http://drkhushbupandya.com

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