Laffeyett Craft House– Into DIY Crafts? We’ve found a piece of paradise for you.

Who said success stories are written only in big towns? Small towns too have entrepreneurs that have big dreams and the courage to make them come true! Laffeyett Craft House founded by Dilna Fumzi, a 21 year old women entrepreneur, is one such amazing story.

Dilna was working with handmade crafts, but in her district Kottakal, in Kerala – South India, she always found it difficult get any material for stationery or art and craft. What she did next was just inspirational!

“With so much hassle in sourcing for material, I thought the only solution would be to simply start a shop! So at the age of 20, in April 2021 I invested whatever little savings I had and started Laffeyett Craft House,” says Dilna proudly!

Laffeyett Craft House

The shop was an instant hit. It became a major convenience for the local people and nearby
areas. It stocked and sold regular stationery product and even hand-made supplies and
customized products too.
Most importantly, Dilna mentions – “I wanted to promote women who were into the Art
and Craft business, give them access to the best material and encourage them to start
their own business.”

Art and Convenience both available off the shelf here!

Laffeyett Craft House

When it set up shop Laffeyett Craft House had a very clear vision of being the “complete one stop shop“ for stationery, art, decorative and gift items. “The main motive was to always ensure that anyone looking for a particular stationery or art product, would not have to make their creativity suffer because of the lack of the materials they needed.” Says Dilna.

Today both the outlets have very thoughtfully stocked its shelves with items that range from the
simplest to the most decorative. Plain paper sheets, Vellum papers, Decorative papers, DIY craft items, Gift and Gift wrapping items, Gift Boxes, Greeting Cards, Scented Candles, Photo Frames, Glass Jars, Wooden Stamps, Lamps, Artist Paints and Brushes, Resin Art supplies, Colorful Dry Flowers, Stickers, Notebooks, Pencil and Pens, Neon Lights Words, Wax Seals, Die cut Metal Boxes… it goes on and on and on!

Every product is of the best quality, priced competitively and both amateurs and professionals find whatever they are looking for in one place. Customers have often said that entering the shop is like entering a very beautiful space and they can spend hours just looking at the variety available and pick up whatever they need.

When a small town enterprise becomes a benchmark to
encourage small businesses and start-up… it’s already a
success story!

Laffeyett Craft House

Having pioneered the Art and Craft store set up in small towns like Tirurangadi and Kottakal,
Laffeyet Craft House has bought delight to more than a 1000+ customers, simply because it’s
range is so vast that no customer goes back empty handed!

Says Dilna,” Currently we are reaching our customers through a “PHYGITAL” marketing
model. That is, they can walk in and buy from our physical stores or order online. I am
planning to take our products to overseas customers soon through an enhanced online

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