Dr. SABIHA – A qualified medical practitioner turned her own life experience into a genuine, diverse, knowledge rich life coaching platform.

Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.

Dr. Sabiha Inamdar, a qualified medical practitioner, left the home of her in-laws to begin a new chapter in life along with her daughter and her pillar of strength, her husband. As her daughter was growing, Sabiha began to realize how invaluable coaching could be for growing children and adults as well.

So, she invested her time and energies in doing an NLP course, got her ICF -ACC Life Coach certification, learnt emotional intelligence, did hypnosis and soon transformed all her learning into creating a career as an ICF Certified Life coach, using her NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) skills.

Today her enterprise Dr. Sabiha’s Coaching and Consulting – DSDC – offers sessions designed to move individuals from confusion to clarity and take healthy ownership of their emotions and fears. The very important and often taboo topic like sex and intimacy has been brought by her into a more open space and is one of the main pillars of her coaching offering.

The intimate aspects of sex and how pleasurable it can be – DSCC is about sex education, communication and a journey of self-discovery.

The formative years of Dr. Sabiha’s endeavor were more about getting in touch with business startups, emerging enterprises and individuals, to assist them via coaching and counselling to achieve their own goals.

Dr. Sabiha offers a variety of services including – NLP coaching, business strategy sessions, parenting tips, emotional wellbeing, effective communication, fear management, goal setting, career guidance and people management and many more.

But the real game changer was when Dr. Sabiha’s Coaching and Consulting began producing content relating to sex education in a series titled NLP and SEX. The exceptional and polished manner in which she has brought out the very sensitive topic of sex and pleasure, made her stand out from the crowd. She along with her daughter spoke on topics like – how to make sex guilt free, sex and trauma, sex as a mode of expression, sex and consent, female orgasms, how to talk to children about sex, youth and sexual health, sex and consent, masturbation and more.

Says Sabiha, “Being a medical practitioner and a strong believer in making sex education accessible, I’ve come up with a Masterclass on Lovemaking where we will explore all things about sex and pleasure. My Masterclass aims to promote sexual intelligence and reduce orgasm gaps between sexual partners.”

It’s about taking the motto of “coaching for informed change” to many more people across the globe…

Having been a sounding board and a professional career, life, and sex coach to close to a 1000 people, Dr Sabiha is now focusing on building and enhancing the reach of her core service as a sex coach, where she guides people to explore and appreciate the actual pleasure and emotions around it. Her ambition is to eatablish Dr. Sabiha’s Coaching and Consulting – DSDC as a place where dreams come true by harnessing the power of the internet, as well as offering one-on-one in-person sessions wherever and whenever possible.
Visit https://www.instagram.com/lifecoachdrsabiha/ and https://drsabiha.com/ to read more.


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