MUSHIO – A slow fashion label on a mission to create timeless and conscious fashion that sparks joy.

Not every business can actually claim to do something that works to fulfil a truly well-rounded vision of balancing commercial viability with the challenges of people’s happiness, as well as environmental well-being.

But two sisters Muskan and Kriti, went ahead with the courage to dream and also took that step to make it a reality. Launched on 17th September 2021 MUSHIO is a clever amalgamation of the word “Khushi Ho” meaning to make happy. M the initials of the founder, was incorporated in place of ‘Kh’ and that’s how the label got christened “MUSHIO”.


What’s really significant is that the brand emerged in the tumultuous time of uncertainty and suffering of the lockdown. Here it took on the mantle of fostering a community of craftsman and weavers, who were the most badly affected due to the pandemic. MUSHIO committed itself to align its business with their expertise and created a slow fashion brand, whose mission is to create timeless and conscious fashion that sparks joy.

Says Muskan, “Mushio is a result of my passion for fashion and an enthusiasm to bring joy to people. A constant chase of fashion trends is what inspired me and I wanted Mushio to be different”.

Slow fashion that has fast become a bestseller….

If Muskan is the vision behind the brand then Kriti embodies the mission. She says, “I thrive on fostering people’s innate beauty and talents. My acumen for organizing and meticulousness has finally helped bring MUSHIO to light.

Today, MUSHIO is a renowned, genuinely slow fashion brand with the commitment to design fashion apparel, which creates happiness in those who craft it as well as wear it.

Created with a vigilant eye from the highest quality organic, handwoven materials and fabrics, MUSHIO fashion wear merges elegance with comfort, which shows in the range of fuss-free apparel. By constantly innovating in terms of fabric, silhouettes, crafts, detailing, colors, styling, finish and more, it has emerged as an eco-friendly brand with an enviable fashion portfolio.

Pick from pastels, bold, stripes and solids, for a collection of Midi dresses, Tunics, Tops, Kurtas, Kaftaans, Contemporary Jumpsuits, Jackets and Pants. Contrast stitch details, delicate hand embroidery and comfortable silhouettes are the highlights.

Do check out their collections –

FIRHAT – Contemporary silhouettes with Indian aesthetics and detailing collection – handcrafted by weavers from Jhiri, Rajasthan and Kutch.

TAAKA celebrates delicate stitches and intricacies that enhance the garment’s beauty. It’s the ideal summer collection, with easy-to-wear designs in light hues. In a basic yet effortless style, this collection combines the freshness of hand-woven fabrics with the richness of hand detailing.

It’s not just an enterprise, it’s grown into a space that is sewing together the fabric of the artisan community with threads of care…

MUSHIO is definitely about spreading smiles and contentment with its delicate and aesthetically crafted fashion wear. But behind all this there is a larger motive at work. It is an enterprise with a long term mission to promote all the traditional hand crafts used to design garments. With a strong online presence, it is also looking to expand to other cities as well across India. Mushio is offering 11% discount on direct orders till 15th August. Mushio is available to shop on The Loom and Ogaanmarket.

Click here and to check out what can make you feel happy! Show your support by following, liking and even buying from a space that is spreading happiness! REMEMBER – MUSHIO garments help empower artisans, craftsmen and weavers of India. Your purchase helps in supporting and promoting them.

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