Datatradingzone: An exciting new venture that mentors aspiring young individuals for stock-market trading

data trading zone

“Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do, and as a part of investing in yourself; you should learn more about money management. ” ~ Warren Buffett

The world of stock markets is a fascinating one where each new day presents a new set of challenges that can excite your mind or daunt your spirit depending on how you perceive it. Young minds of today’s generation, unfettered by potential risks, are learning to recognize the opportunities that trading as a profession offers. They realise how important it is to learn the captivating science of trading and that too from reliable experts.

Launched in August 2020 by the dynamic founder and CEO, Arindam Mukherjee, Datatradingzone is an emerging startup that offers holistic training to talented young individuals and helps them transform into self-dependent and profitable traders. The nuances of trading cannot be simply mastered by reading a few books or talking to a few experts on the subject. To fully grasp the immense potential of this field of work, you’ve got to get your hands dirty by working in the live markets.

Beginning of a rollercoaster ride

As the saying goes “The earlier you start working on something, the earlier you will see results”. Arindam began exploring the complex yet engrossing dynamics of stock markets since he was in 9th standard. As a wide-eyed teenager, he absorbed and learned all the nitty-gritties of stock market trading. With time, he realized how half-baked knowledge and lack of proper training could lead to grave financial blunders. Thus, he decided to put his knowledge and experience to good use and establish an enterprise that would create a profitable community of traders adept at using proven industrial strategies to withstand risk tolerance and stand up against market volatility.

Datatradingzone : A guiding light for young traders

data trading zone

Datatradingzone offers three types of Services- Premium Membership, Chromium Membership, and Personal Mentorship Program (Full Time trader Program. It’s most popular and loved membership is Personal Mentorship Program, it teaches trading and investing in stock markets from scratch to a professional level comprising of AM-10 Strategy, Risk Management, Trading Psychology, Controlling Emotions, Portfolio Management, and lifetime assistance to every student.

Live trading sessions, conducted regularly, are divided into three parts- Pre-market Session, Live market Session, and post market session. In the pre-market session, one predicts the market behaviour on that particular day and plans accordingly. In the live market, session members trade together according to the plan. The company provides live market updates to them and the post-market session is all about analyzing, identifying, and rectifying the mistakes made by students. The members prepare their trading journal to note down how the markets reacted to their trade.

Future amidst a pandemic

Many people lost their livelihood during Covid-19. However, even during the lockdown period, Datatradingzone continued training people to become profitable and full-time traders.

Recollecting the path traveled so far, Arindam says “The journey so far has been rewarding. We have expanded to 20 states from Himachal Pradesh to Andhra Pradesh and from Gujarat to Assam and also to UAE and Singapore, the future is bright as we are working towards it every day.”

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