Meraki by Chitvvan: A non-invasive holistic healing and wellness brand for your furry pets that’s certainly going to be a game-changer in the long run

Meraki by Chitvvan

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

Being in the company of animals changes us in the most unexpected yet extraordinary ways. Pets have the power to transform us, heal us and awaken our spirits. But have you ever considered how animals display such a high level of intelligence and empathy. Maybe, like their human counterparts, they have consciousness too which helps them create self-awareness for sustainence of life.  Launched on 1st September 2020 by certified animal communicator Chitvvan Waraich, Meraki by Chitvvan is a brand-new startup that’s as unconventional and intriguing as it gets.

The startup provides a wide range of services for pets and pet-owners thereby bridging the gap between humans and their furry companions. Using her formidable expertise, Dehradun-based Chitvvan recognizes the thought processes and emotions of her furry friends and helps them heal. The startup provides online and courier services all across India.

Meraki by Chitvvan: A journey within thyself

Meraki by Chitvvan

Chitvvan has always been drawn towards the innocence and purity of animals. In her own words “Growing up with three pet dogs as a child and having pet dogs even after marriage, I’ve always been touched by their unconditional love and empathy.”

Guided by her pet-dog Zen, Chitvvan discovered her God-gifted ability to communicate telepathically with animals. Soon, she enrolled for a short course on Bach flower remedies from Bach Centre, UK. She eventually became a Bach Flower remedies therapist for humans and animals.

Meraki is purely a soul-led business – Meraki means putting a part of your soul and part of you in your work. As she rightly observes “Meraki is my journey of self-discovery, recognizing my inner abilities and my limitations, with Zen acting as a loving guide in my spiritual journey.”

Services offered at Meraki

The services are niche to animal communication, to animal behaviour consultancy, Bach flower healing and  animal reiki. Recently, Chitvvan launched a range of holistic, disease specific and wellness pet bakery products that includes weekly and monthly diet plans , warm food and other bakery goodies keeping the wellness quotient in mind. Such products ensure pets get healthy and wholesome food without fear of chemicals, preservatives and weight gain.

Often, humans don’t understand their pet’s inner thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns. Chittvan’s intuitive gifts and innate ability to communicate with animals guide her towards understanding bad behavioral issues and helping overcome such issues. She shares valuable tips on canine behaviour consultancy to help train the dogs. The brand offers animal reiki and Bach flower remedies to help pets heal in a non invasive non medical way.

Using the power of telepathy and interspecies communication skills, Chitvvan helps locate missing pets, thereby helping people get closure while mourning their pet’s loss.

Meraki by Chitvvan: Goals for the future

Meraki by Chitvvan

In the next five years, Meraki aims to become a renowned brand and the go-to place for pet wellness, pet healing, pet bakery and meal plans. It’s goals include helping more and more pets and their pet parents. Also, Chitvvan plans to open a commercial studio and bakery in Dehradun with pet spa and pet healing and bakery studio.

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