WoFactors: A startup that is helping women prioritize themselves by teaching them the art of self-care


    “Caring for your body, mind and spirit is your greatest and grandest responsibility. It’s about listening to the needs of your soul and then honouring them.” ~ Kristi Lang

    Many of us have grown up watching our grandmothers and mothers devoting their lives to their families, often at the cost of their own happiness. Prioritizing others’ needs before their own almost became a norm for women folks. However, times are changing. Old ways are withering away. Women are now realizing the importance of self-care.

    To pander to the oft-ignored needs of such unsung heroes, Harsha Jain, a passionate young woman created a startup called WoFactors. Launched on 11th July 2020, WoFactors was established to spread awareness of Me-Time among women without her having to feel guilty. The startup aims to support, empower, promote & recognize women’s needs & desires.

    Everything begins with an idea


    A travel enthusiast, graphic designer by profession, and an avid crafter by passion,  founder, Harsha Jain puts out her heart and soul to create and help (‘Enthu-cutlet – that’s what her friends call her for the same reason!)

    While working with a women’s health company, Harsha realized the small ways in which women ignore their own physical health and led the campaign to help educate them about the same.

    Harsha explains “Physical health -checked. What about their emotional health? This kept me awake for so many nights, till I finally left my job and got down to researching about this”

    After speaking to over 300+ women, Harsha realized that in the process of taking care of their homes, families and kids, all these women, be it homemakers, working moms, mompreneurs – had forgotten to take care of themselves. They ignored their own needs and dreams for the longest time possible.

    She felt an irresistible and irritating itch to help these women prioritize themselves. She wanted to change their thought process, educate them and create a space for them to help pursue their dreams, hobbies, friendship and much more!

    And that is how ‘WoFactors’ was born. A platform to help women realize the importance of ME-TIME!

    WoFactors and it’s Wow Quotient


    WoFactors provides opportunities to network, learn, support and foster valuable connections, thereby, creating a better everyday life for them and their families.

    Every weekend, a network of around 30+ women artists pan India conduct Live classes/ workshops on WoFactors platform. Classes are about learning art, about conversations, networking, therapy, connections & much more. Every time one signs up for a class with WoFactors, they are automatically plugged into a group of other women from the same class along with the instructor. Unlike other ventures, here instructors provide full support post-class.

    This simply yet powerful method has helped form deeper connections among women. This makes the entire circle intimate and complete!

    So, what’s the plan?

    In 6 months, 400+ women signed up with them. Moreover, 20+ expert live sessions, 25+ artists/ instructors pan India, 50+ workshops, 1st ever Virtual Me-Time Mela for women were organized.
    WoFactors intends to be the one-stop solution platform for women to come indulge, learn, share ideas and make connections in the next 5 years!

    To know more visit – www.wofactors.com

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