RUCHI ART HOUSE – This artist’s journey as an Art Entrepreneur is truly colourful.

It is not easy to translate one’s hobby into a successful and profitable business enterprise. It demands a lot of time and patience. But isn’t that what Art teaches us? Art Entrepreneur

Investing precious time, business capital and patiently working on creating traditional yet innovative home décor art, Ruchi Negi founder of RUCHI ART HOUSE has created a platform to showcase her interpretation of Pichwai, Aipan and Madhubani art forms.

“I am a self-taught artist from Dehradun now settled in Bangalore. I was interested in art since childhood but had stopped practicing it. After my marriage my husband who encouraged me to start again. When we shifted to the US for a few years I got an opportunity to participate in art fairs where I received a lot of appreciation. That really got me thinking of it as a good opportunity and I started RUCHI ART HOUSE with an investment of Rs 10,000 in June 2020,” shared Ruchi about her journey.


Today, RUCHI ART HOUSE has become a popular destination for art collectors, homemakers and people interested in buying something truly distinctive, colorful and attractive, that can add a special vibe to personal spaces.

Art in various forms and colours that attract and also bring alive the rich tradition that India has to offer to the world…


Ruchi has always believed in bringing a touch of the divine to her creations, as well as being a source that will carry traditional art forms of India to the world. So RUCHI ART HOUSE offers art forms that try to do justice to traditional art creations, as well as bring a distinctive, personal and contemporary touch to each creation.

Sharing her views Ruchi elaborates, “I create different types of Art using acrylic paints on wood, MDF or canvas. I am more into religious paintings. Apart from that I do cartoons, floral art and modern art.”

Available on is whole range of art objects like the colourful and lucky Hamsa Hand, bright Wall Plates, cute Fridge Magnets, gorgeously painted Cow Heads with auspicious gods and symbols, lotus feet mandalas, hand painted canvas paintings, Aipan art pieces and more.

Business is not just about promoting oneself but also lifting others around you…


Business is definitely about growing and expanding one’s reach and also bringing in more revenue year on year. At the same time it also means generously sharing the limelight with those who partner you in making your business meaningful.

Ruchi believes in the concept of “growing together”. She says, “Having my designed art pieces showcased across prestigious spaces in the USA and London, and also in schools, I feel that I need to showcase the incredible talent of the local artists in India to the world. I am creating such a global platform for Pichwai Art in the form of cow and an elephant head. Mahbubani Chitra and Aipan arts will also be showcased.”  

Ruchi Art House intends to be more than just another art house and is making all the right moves to catch the eye of leading art galleries and art collectors. Art Entrepreneur

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