Insanus Scriptor : The Lost Art of Calligraphy Gets A Fresh Upgrade

It is said that there is nothing better for business than starting young.  And there is no one who understands this better than the current generation: Gen Z. The newest generation of students have a unique understanding of the gig economy and how it works. They also know how powerful social media can be for business. On any given day, you may find a young person working on his or her own side gig during high school or college. Their thought process, motivation and mindset can be an inspiration to many as Gen Z is making its mark in the world of business.

Insanus Scriptor

One such example is 20 year old Afrah. Blessed with the skill of calligraphy, this young lady has a knack for reviving the lost art of writing. In an age where typing has replaced the humble pen and paper, Afrah is making the world a prettier place one letter at a time with her brand Insanus Scriptor. Calligraphy is the visual art of writing that uses fancy elements to decorate each letter making it appear more formal and elegant. Special tools such as an ink pen, colored ink and special papers are used for this purpose making it a unique and one of its kind experience.

Labour of Love

Insanus Scriptor

Along with completing her studies, Afrah decided to pursue this art which she has painstakingly honed over the years.

“I began Insanus Scriptor when I was 16 years old with just Rs 1000. As I was also pursuing my studies at the same time I could hardly spare too much time for the brand. But as I started gaining recognition, I realized that calligraphy is an art that people love to see. So I decided to dedicate more time to it,” reveals the founder.

What’s interesting about the brand is that it is completely done by hand so it requires lots of time as well as effort. Self-taught Afrah spent all her free time watching Instagram video on the art of calligraphy and spent hours perfecting her craft. “One day, for my cousin’s wedding I created a special gift using calligraphy for her and she loved it! Everyone encouraged me to start doing this professionally and offering my skill to others as well.” Says Afrah.

Going Places

Insanus Scriptor

The brand offers a variety of different styles, variations and modifications to the art of calligraphy. Each product can be personalized with a custom message as well as photograph. The brand rakes in a minimum of 20-30 orders per month and has an active presence on social media app Instagram. When asked about her future plans, Afrah says she wishes to grow the brand and gain more clients as well as complete her studies simultaneously.

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