alanKRit – A haven of handmade bags that are a perfect mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic, while also being highly functional.

Time is the most precious commodity for every entrepreneur. They can chose it to experiment, create and come up with something really wonderful and successful. modern aesthetic

So when Renu Lalwani founder of alanKRit, had time to spare after her elder son left for higher studies and the younger one was still studying, she decided to make the most of it. Her favorite saying “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop” also was a big influence for her taking this entrepreneurial plunge.

Renu shares an interesting insight about the brand name, “My brother’s wife, Kiran Kanjani came up with a business proposition to create and market handmade products. The highlighted KR in the brand name stands for Kiran and Renu.

In August 2016, at the age of 42, Renu started alanKRit – meaning beautify. The initial product range consisted of items like jewellery, artefacts, bags and mobile pouches.

To Renu, this venture became her definition of happiness. Because to her happiness is being able to utilize her free time in some creative way and follow her dreams! modern aesthetic

Focus on one thing special and make it your bestseller…

As Renu worked to grow the business she spotted a trend which pointed to a growing demand for handmade bags. So she gradually started focusing her time and resources on nurturing a range of really exclusive handcrafted bags.

This specialization has paid off and how! The product portfolio consisting of Palmleaf Clutches, Handbags, Totes, Hand Purse, Hand Purse with a Sling, Round Bags, have all become bestsellers in their own way. Space, convenience, carrying ease, good looks – the bags offer everything a one wants.

Using heavier handbags can cause neck and lower back muscle stiffness which leads to spinal column degeneration. However, their bags are light in weight and they don’t give stress on shoulder muscle even after stuffing it with many things.

“Our bags are handmade and stitched using the finest material and threads. Made from material like wicker, water grass, straw woven body with woven fabric, hyacinth fiber, bamboo, straw, rattan etc. the bags are extremely light and don’t strain your back. There is great deal of emphasis on the material selection, the shape, design and finish of the bag to give it a truly contemporary look,” says Renu.

Bagging growth through design and style

“A bag to every woman is an important accessory. It has to spell fashion, but at the same time it also has to cater to all the utility needs of a woman. It cannot be just good looking, it has to be ready to serve and last. Design and value therefore are the cornerstone of all our bags,” says Renu. modern aesthetic

alanKRit has managed to master the equation of blending design, style and utility. It has therefore built up a very steady and growing client list with first time buyers and also repeat buyers. Like every entrepreneur, Renu too has ambitions and plans to grow alanKRit and expand the presence of the brand. At present, they have major customers from south and they look forward to grow and expand throughout India. They also intend to open one retail outlet in Chennai first wherein the customers can feel and buy the product directly.

An alanKRit bag on every shoulder or perhaps in every lady’s hand is what she wants to achieve. Do check their website here and their Instagram handle at

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