COQUELICOT By KOMAL – Meet this entrepreneur who quit her corporate job to pursue the new age healing practice of Crystal Healing. (female entrepreneur)

From the routine of checking balance sheets to a space where she offers Reiki healing and crystal consultations for people’s specific issues or simply as per their birth date for mental, physical and emotional balance, Komal is “crystal clear” about her chosen life path. female entrepreneur

Having worked for two renowned firms for over 5 years, the lockdown phase saw her turn towards spirituality. She also connected with 2 of her mentors who got her interested in the alternative healing techniques of Reiki and crystals.

“I felt a very strong connection with this life path and I started to make handmade jewelry from healing crystals. Slowly, from just a side hustle, the venture took the form of a fast growing enterprise and I quit my job to make this a full time venture,” shares Komal.


Nowadays, there are so many people seeking new ways to control and calm their anxieties and stress, in a manner that does not require any physical exertion or other practices. It is here that an alternative healing modality like crystal healing has made a niche. Other than managing stress, there are many more healing properties of crystals like self-love, healing relationships, positivity, attracting abundance, manifestations, meditations, etc.

From celebrities, socialites, sports personalities and even the next door neighbor, Crystal Healing works for everyone…


Healing crystals are made up of a combination of different minerals and individual crystals have their own specific energies. A lot of prominent celebrities from showbiz, sports, music, quite candidly admit to trusting the healing touch and energy of crystals.

Komal emphasizes a very important point about the crystals healing, “Being a certified Reiki healer, I personally energize the crystals with Reiki to enhance their healing power.”  Coquelicot By Komal has crystals crafted in the form of beautiful wearable jewelry, freeform crystals and skin care tools meant for everyone. Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Amethyst Peace Bracelet, Merkaba, Carnelian Chips Abundance Bracelet, Healing Raw Moonstone, Raw Citrine Silver Earrings for Confidence, Raw Amethyst Ring for Protection, Black Obsidian crescent moon-tree of life Necklace for staying Grounded, Black Tourmaline Bracelet to deflect Negativity and a whole lot of other crystals in the collection, to deliver a genuinely holistic, energy healing experience.

Building a business on trust is a big challenge, but once you gain that trust, growth is assured…. female entrepreneur


Crystal Healing is a new age healing practice and Komal wants to be the one who can clear the many myths surrounding this technique.” I just want to grow and educate people about the many benefits of crystal healing and I want to establish myself as a trusted consultant and a genuine source, for people looking to accept and follow this alternative healing practice,” she says.

For something that is related to healing, it is all the more important that trust in everything said, done and delivered is maintained at every level. With her wide range of products and her own experience built up over the years, Komal is steadily building a reputation of being a vibrant powerhouse of Crystal Healing.


Coquelicot by Komal has created quite a strong online presence and it is looking to leverage the reach of the online marketspace to touch the lives of more customers across the world.

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