Anaganaga: An Innovative Venture That’s Slowly Challenging Our Affinity For Junk Food And Helping Us Eat Healthy


A wise man once said ‘You are what you eat.’ Since we are quite aware of the harmful effects of synthetic food and roadside junk food, we ought to explore healthier options when it comes to food consumption. We have to go back to basics and rely on more conventional and natural food products. Here’s a startup that aims to revolutionize the eating habits of every Indian. Anaganaga, launched on 12th August 2019, is a unique venture that has successfully introduced traditional, healthy and natural food products into average Indian households. Its joint founders and business partners, Rajesh Vallala and Prashanth Vure, are highly motivated individuals who are on a mission to make healthy eating not just possible but also easily accessible.

Anaganaga: Because Every Snack Tells A Story

Anaganaga Chikki Story

Yes, that’s quite a thoughtful tagline that the startup has come up with. Taking the essential terminology of ‘Health-Conscious to the next level’, Anaganaga Brand that started as a subsidiary of V&V Foods in 2019, manufactures the best Innovative Food Products in India. With an unrivaled presence in the health industry, Anaganaga Brand, an Indian FMCG Confectionery brand, have been contributing towards a healthier India since inception. The startup is slowly strengthening its market position in places like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Discover Snacks that are as Nutritious as they are Delicious

The makers of Anaganaga products actually challenge the notion that snacks cannot be nutritious. They have been able to strike a delicate balance between taste and health without compromising on either. They have introduced India’s First Energy Bar with Moringa.


About their products, the founders say “Our Anaganaga Peanut Moringa Chikki/ Desi Energy Bar is a different variant among all other chikkis, as it incorporates the goodness of Moringa taken in appropriate proportion to make it nutritious and delicious. It is perfect to munch for evening snacks instead of junk food like chips and crackers. Peanut Moringa Chikki is good for kids to snack on these healthy candies which provide nutrition and also fill the stomach. The entire family can have chikki in their daily life. Such an easy and tasty way to stay healthy! “


Success and Glory

The company has already created quite a ripple in some of the Indian states where it has been able to get a chunk of clients such as various schools, institutions, super markets, bakeries, ayurvedic centers, organic & natural stores. In fact, many of our loyal customers are some of the noted Telugu film celebrities such as music director-actor-director, R.P.Patnaik, lyricist Chandra Bose, writer-actor-producer Posani Murali Krishna and actor Ali.


Anaganaga has taken many initiatives to inculcate healthy snacking habits among teenagers. In one of their initiatives, they distributed 3000+ bars to students for free on the 15th of August to encourage nutritious snacking.

Miles to Go…

The future looks all promising with the introduction of new innovative products. Since the products are high on quality, it will only be a matter of time before Anaganaga starts expanding into foreign markets and establishes a global presence.

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  1. Excellent Idea matching with the healthy food at the time of junk food domination. This will definitely overtake the period of junk food and our age old Nutritious & extract of nature food. All the best to the team. Go ahead with various other food.


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