BattleBugs: This Startup Is On A Mission To Make The World A Cleaner And Healthier Place

Ever heard your Mom say ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’? BattleBugs have come to realize how true that is, especially in times of Corona!! Battling against bacteria, germs, viruses and all sorts of filth is a mammoth task, one that cannot be won single-handedly.  Keeping in mind the importance of Sanitization & Disinfection Services as well as Cleaning Services, a startup named BattleBugs was launched on 11th August 2019 by two ambitious entrepreneurs Vijay Randad & Vedant Randad with the aim of coming up with cleaner and safer spaces that will allow individuals to work in a healthier environment.

How the ‘Battle’ Began

The journey began with an agriculture-based company called Agri Input Multi Services. BattleBugs is simply a promising extension to this successful parent company.

About its origin, the founders said “We observed that people used homemade pest control services which is not at all practical. Such services need to be done by professionals to get perfect results.

However, in this pandemic situation one more opportunity knocked at our door. We started another sector that included Sanitization and Disinfection services. In this segment we strictly follow the guidelines laid down by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the usage of chemicals and disinfection.”

BattleBugs: Creating a Cleanlier and Healthier India

Making homes, workplaces and other public places cleaner and germ-free is the need of the hour. Very few individuals or organizations opt for professional cleaning services. Instead, they rely on homemade techniques to overcome the problems but that is not the correct way.

This modern world needs modern solutions. BattleBugs has been created with the purpose of providing cleaning, sanitation and pest control services without compromising on the quality and standard of services. They’ve taken up projects in schools, colleges, showrooms, housing societies, residential buildings, banks, post offices, etc.

In short, wherever there is a necessity for massive scale cleanliness operation, their dedicated team rises up to the challenge and does its job

Elaborating further on the services provided by BattleBugs, the founders explained “We not only provide services but also educate our clients regarding their problems and then give a proper solution for it. We also provide all Technical Details and provide quality treatment and service. Also, we strictly follow the rules and regulations given by the WHO regarding the Disinfection and Sanitization.”

Marching Towards the Future

Presently, the startup is spread in Latur, Maharashtra. But they are trying to expand their services in not just their home state but also throughout the nation. It’s important to create awareness regarding cleanliness and hygiene and their subsequent health benefits. As long as people are moving towards the modern solutions for their problems and opting for a better lifestyle, startups such as BattleBugs will keep on evolving and adopting new techniques for Pest Control Services as well as Disinfection

When asked about the immediate future, pat came the reply “We see ourselves at a steady position in the upcoming years. We wish to expand and grow nationally and globally and offer the best possible solutions.”

The future sure looks extremely bright and squeaky clean for this young, emerging company

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