ALISHA’S ART STUDIO – Translating cherishable memories into beautiful work of art!

    Someone shares a lovely memory and asks you to make this memory a permanent story. Now how do you do justice to such a personal and important thing? Ask Alisha Agarwal – a mixed media art lover who came up with a really novel idea of turning precious memories into pieces of beautiful art.


    A marketing professional by education and a social media manager for 4 years, Alisha took a break after she became a mother. While on this sabbatical, Alisha started working on designing her son’s nursery.

    “While doing this I realised that a kid’s room was such a beautiful space for personalised artworks. That was the moment I decided to take the plunge and Alisha’s Art Studio began,” Alisha said. It’s been over 2 years now and her artworks have evolved from concepts for just kids rooms to parent’s bedrooms and even living rooms.

    Memories are made up of so many different and beautiful moments; the artwork should also be the same.


    After launching the venture on 18th November 2019 with the first and very successful exhibition in Hyderabad, there was no looking back for Alisha.

    “I realized that the Art I create would be a reflection of my client’s memories. It could be anything a moment of love, an occasion, a travel memory or more. But the most important thing would be to preserve it and bring a smile to my clients face,” says Alisha.

    Creating art work on canvas cloth using oil paints, she also uses different fabrics, glitter, sequins, beads and ribbons. She also works with wood and MDF material too. Using different surfaces and combining various forms and texture design effects, she customizes everything as per the clients needed. The Art work with fabric beads mixed with different Art forms is not just a painting it becomes almost like 3D rendition of a lovely moment. 

    The beauty of Alisha’s art is that it is not abstract it tells a story.


    Apart from recreating memories from real life moments, Alisha also creates artwork from scratch, of a concept a client may have. If a client comes up with an idea they have in their mind, Alisha uses her imagination and creativity and executes it to perfection.

    For example, a client had asked Alisha to create an artwork of her family sitting in a garden under a rainbow and their baby pointing at it, another client asked her to make a unicorn themed background for a photo she shared of her daughter eating an ice cream, a wife wanted to gift her husband a future they dreamed together in the artwork.

    ALISHA’S ART STUDIO – The excitement of growing a truly unique business is memorable


    After the success of the very first exhibition in Hyderabad, it had become very evident that there was a strong market available that had to be tapped intelligently.

    “I went about marketing my art and connecting with my target audience i.e. the moms in a planned manner. Word of mouth, creating awareness through influencer marketing by connecting with bloggers and of course the art that I created and shared on social media were proof enough to get me serious clients”, shares Alisha with a smile.


    Growth has been steady with clients calling in and placing orders from within India and abroad too. Most importantly each and every client has had something truly unique created and all of them shared really genuine and beautiful reviews, which further helped to boost business.

    “My form of art is flexible and easily adaptable to any specific space. I am looking to expand it to restaurants, cafes and other vibrant places. Also collaborations with leading interior designers for designing entire walls is what I am very excited for in the coming period” says Alisha.

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