BrightTint – This jewellery and home décor brand makes super versatile and customized pieces

    “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that can make you unique.”- Elizabeth Taylor

    Botanical Resin Jewelry – The New Vogue Of Fashionistas

    When a gifted bouquet from a loved one begins to wilt, the momentary happiness comes to a standstill. One could imagine the joy if such natural flowers could be cherished forever as a resin jewelry. Besides preserving these beautiful memories, resin jewelry is also a must-have for anyone who enjoys minimal fashion. 

    Resin is the perfect way to preserve treasured pieces of nature and making floral jewelry is on-trend and much sought after. Botanical resin jewelry ensures that the delicate fragility of flowers lasts longer & immortalized forever to adorn & flaunt.


    Something as simple as bringing a little piece of nature indoors is the perfect way to boost mood and focus on positive energies. One way to achieve this is through the beautiful, botanical jewelry from BrightTint. The startup was founded by Radhika Natarajan, an engineer by profession in February 2020.

    The prime arena of the brand is the creation of botanical resin jewelry which includes mesmerizing collections of pendants, earrings, trinkets & rings. Their bezel pendants, cabochon & foil collection & the much sought-after Druzy collection give a majestic & elite look. Apart from botanical jewelry, they also create galaxies, moon jewelry/pendants, geode resin clock, home décor stuff, tableware collections, alphabetical keychains, trending eco-friendly terrazzo collection.

    The Product Uniqueness


    Botanical Resin jewelry is a unique concept of preserving the beauty of real-life flowers. The steps to preserving them include plucking them, drying up, and cold pressing them in resin.

    What differentiates the brand from its competitors is the degree of customization offered. Most of the work like choosing the flower colors and their placement is done as per customer needs. Also, the pricing of all products is very affordable so that everyone can enjoy having piece of nature along with them. Bright Tint’s Motto is to make every custom product ‘As Unique As You’. Is it your baby’s first haircut? The hair can be made into memorable jewelry and cherished forever.

    The Catalysts Behind The Brand Conception


    Since childhood, art and painting always appealed to Radhika, and post-college and job, this zealousness had taken a backseat due to time scarcity, However, with Work from a home job during Covid times, she got the opportunity to revive her old passion. As a step further, she learned fluid art and researched a lot of resin products on Instagram and other platforms. Her resin artwork not only draws the best of her creative side but also gives her immense joy.

    The Journey So Far & The Business Upswings


    For the first five months before the actual launch of the brand, Radhika worked on the pros and cons of the product and the initial investments while sourcing raw materials were around 5k- 10k; however post the brand launch and product expansion, the costing and investments went up gradually over years

    Being an engineer and executing full-time job responsibilities, Radhika devotes her time to jewelry creation only post office hours. Ever since the brand was launched in February 2020, she has been diligently multi-tasking on both office roles & following her passion for creating botanical resin jewelry. The talented entrepreneur looks after all the processes right from product concept to market stage. Having single-handedly taken charge of the entire process of sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, marketing & sales sometimes makes her juggle many tasks, yet she fulfills all the commitments to her client well on time.

    The brand has served more than 200 orders to date and even the founder of Soul works, Karima Dawoodani featured her artwork on her page as an appreciation and shout-out to the evolving brand. All the existing & potential customers follow her Instagram page and place orders. Foreseeing the demand for special occasions like Diwali, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc, the brand starts launching themed products a month or two prior so that it reaches out to many customers.

    The Actionable Goals Set Forth For Coming Years

    The brand wants to be identified as a customer-loved brand bringing out joy and female empowerment. It wants to reach every household by offering a wide range of products from minimal to high cost. The brand envisions expanding from the home-based model to set up a dedicated workspace with employees who share a similar passion. Presently the startup is servicing its products Pan India and in future years it wants to reach international markets too. To know more visit –

    website link –

    Instagram link : @bright_tint

    e-mail id :

    WhatsApp: +91 63814 74200

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