Reeash: A unique skincare startup offering hand curated and organic skincare range that’s gentle on your skin and easy on your pocket

    Believe it or not, your skin is the truest manifestation of your health and happiness. In fact, the quality of your skin is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort you invest in self-care and personal wellbeing. You can’t just wake up to a beautiful skin without putting in effort to protect and preserve it on a regular basis. That’s why a daily skincare regimen is so important.

    While there’s an overwhelming range of skincare products available in the market, most of them offer quick fix solutions rather than delving deep into the problem. In a world of exorbitantly priced skin care products comes a brand that aims to provide “affordable luxury skincare products” so that “people can buy and inculcate them into their day-to-day skincare routine.”


    Launched by Mumbai-based husband-wife duo of Gaurav and Kashmeera, Reeash is all about merging quality, sustainability and affordability to come up with skincare range that would nourish and pamper your skin in the gentlest manner while “promulgating Indian and Indigenous products as much as possible”. Initially named Fenak, the startup had to be renamed midway due to some trademark issues during the registration process. It has been two years since the brand has been loved and recognised as Reeash.

    Let’s hear the story behind the success of Reeash


    The journey began four years ago when a spirited 20-year-old Kashmeera, hailing from a business family, decided to follow her heart and carve out her own path in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. Instead of following the conventional route of taking up the family business, she wanted to do something with a creative edge that would include her love for arts and crafts and allow her to “make things with her own hands.” That’s how she stumbled upon the incredible craft of soap-making. Kashmeera adds “So that was when I started soap-making. Initially, I started with melt and pour. Then I went on to cold processed soaps, then I started making body scrubs, and that’s how things moved  forward.”

    With a modest sum of Rs. 50000, the feisty founder plunged into her dream venture right from her home. In fact, she still has a workshop at home from where she continues to run brand operations.

    Recalling her journey so far, Kashmeera says “I predominantly started this and then my husband got on board after two years of working on the brand. So, it’s been four years since I began nurturing this start-up. It’s a labor of love for both me and my husband and we’re immensely excited about how far we’ve come with Reeash.”

    Reeash: A distinctive venture guided by heart and curated by hand


    Reeash offers handmade, chemical-free and 100% organic skincare products that are sensitive to the needs of different skin types. So whether it’s soap, hair oil, face serum or body scrub/polish, Reeash ensures the ingredients are tender yet effective on your delicate skin. As Kashmeera points out “Everything is handmade and devoid of toxic chemicals. I brew the hair oil myself with ten or twelve herbs.”

    Moreover, each product undergoes strict quality checks before being given a go-ahead. Due to its firm adherence to quality, there have been no complaints whatsoever from any of Reeash’s clients in the past four years. While the startup has a sizable presence on Instagram and Facebook, its website is currently under construction. Very soon your favorite Reeash products will be available on Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra.

    Besides being lapped up by wedding planners as ideal wedding gifts, the handcrafted skincare range is immensely popular among women for regular use.

    What’s next?


    The ride so far has been nothing short of a big adventure! In the next five years, Team Reeash aims to establish a global presence that would enable shipping all over the world. The founders intend to target spa and wellness centers for strengthening the brand across all states of India.

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