A certified parenting coach who is guiding parents to understand and appreciate the finer points of raising a child mindfully…

The pressures of creating and balancing a meaningful and financially rewarding life, exerts enormous pressures on GEN Alpha parents. This has led to the creation of a class of professionals who help parents understand and handle the challenges of bringing up a child.

Soniya Kotak is one such renowned and highly recommended parenting coach. “What I do is prepare parents mentally and emotionally for each growing stage of their child’s life. I do this by empowering them with all the requisite information and soft skills to understand their children’s behavior and adapt to them.” 


Having done her Masters in International Business in the UK, Soniya came back to India to work as a senior school teacher taking business studies lecture for grade 10 students. Post a short marriage break, she took up the role of a foreign educational counselor, advising students, preparing them for the career as per their preferences and helping them understand the financial implications of pursuing further studies in the country of their choice. She found great joy in being able to help young minds reach their goals and dream destinations.

The birth of her lovely daughter was a turning point in her life. Soniya wanted to give the very best of everything to her daughter but lacked direction and realized that she had to dive deep into it and help herself give the best. She studied and became a Certified Parenting Coach. Drawing on the experience of bringing up her own child, she understood she had to help several other mothers who were in the same boat. She started her enterprise “HANDS ON MOM and is now a full time professional parenting coach, guiding parents of toddlers, mid-schoolers and adolescents towards mindful parenting.

Changing mindsets and creating parent focused and parenting driven workshops that deliver true value….  


Mindful or good parenting is a learnable skill and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you seek help or guidance from a coach. This is the mindset change that Soniya intends to bring about. 

At HANDS ON MOM, Soniya curates parenting workshops where as a coach and mentor she guides parents in one on one session, takes them through the process of parenting and also helps them resolve their individual hurdles.


“I conduct exclusive “parents only” coaching and mentoring sessions. I am present to listen and to gently give them insights and directions. I interact with a child only if there is a genuine need. Otherwise it is only about the parents. I am a coach and not a therapist” Shared Soniya.

Covering varied topics from communication, breastfeeding to healthcare, education, playtime, Montessori mindset, festive celebrations and a host of other things, the sessions are designed towards delivering results that will enhance positive two way communication and foster a healthy relationship between parents and children.

Making the mindful parenting journey more inclusive and all encompassing….


Having started on this journey and also being a responsible and trusted coach to a host of parents across various strata of society, Soniya sees a lot of opportunities ahead for the enterprise to grow. Aware of the urge of modern parents to do their best for their children, she is creating innovative ways to engage them in meaningful conversations and activities that empower them to fulfill their parenting aspirations. She firmly believes that forming the correct bond and path for your child in the first 1000 days after birth is what can change the way a child grows in life.

Expressing her long terms plans Soniya shares,” My aim is to help 1 lakh parents raise Happy, Healthy and Hearty Children through Mindful parenting. I am also focusing on initiating and conducting thoughtfully curated mother-toddler programs to create early stage parenting excellence.” 

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